108 Vine Ave has 3 new uses applied for…details

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108 vine bulding floor plan




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  1. Sam says:

    You mention a grocery store, where is this information? Would love to learn more!

  2. junctioneer says: (Author)

    There is a public Meeting at the west Toronto Church at the top of Mc Murray Ave thjis coming Monday, the 11th.

  3. John says:

    A Gym is a good idea here along with a daycare. Unfortunately, manufacturing will never come back. Lets hope they keep as much of the old building as possible.

    • A.R. says:

      I wonder if small-scale manufacturing can spur some industrial revitalization. I wouldn’t want to see the Junction become dominated by factories like in the past, but craft beer brewing, for instance, is an interesting economic development that entails making a product in the neighbourhood.

  4. Goose says:

    So…we have RPM down the street, HipKik, yoga studio, fitness gym on the corner beside Pho, ironkore a few steps away as well, and then the sweet potato, nofrills.
    Daycare yes, good idea.
    another gym? really? I suppose if the demand is there…
    grocery? depending what type it is, like a Max’s Market or some similar store maybe that would be good if you want to go with pricey “gourmet” offerings, but what we do need is a Green Thumb 2.0.
    Someone on a previous post mentioned the idea of another green P close to it, which I think is also a good idea, especially if there will be more retail.

  5. Frans says:

    I was talking to the chaps cleaning the leaves and they said the gym was for them (Govan Brown employees)

  6. neo says:

    Sad to see retail going up on Vine.
    More traffic, parking congestion and already too many people speeding through to avoid the traffic at Dundas and Keele. Watch them put a parking lot in the empty space beside the park…while I’m sure the owners of No Frills would be happy – I think the congestion on a residential street, beside a park, is yet another poor decision on the part of city planning – Doucette is ovbiously not of any help in these matters.

  7. John says:

    Half of the space has already been leased, you can see some rendered views of the interiors at this link and it also shows what has been leased.

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