15 things you should know about homeless shelter residents,that is proposed for the Junction. with pictures of homeless people.

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Yesterday’s meeting regarding  the opening of a new homeless shelter in the Junction, was seeming well attended, with a commenter on this blog stat g over 100 people were unable to get into the meeting room.
Homeless Shelter Residents.

1) Homeless people are an eclectic bunch.
2) Homeless people include are Caucasian, Asian and Black, and everyone else
3) Their ages range from 21 to around 70 with the majority being 45-55.

4) Most are in good health but some are wheelchair ridden and some carry canes.

5) There are alcoholics, drug dependants, and some with work related injuries.

5) Most shelters provide three meals a day.

6) Wake up is 6.00am. Breakfast is 6.30 – 7.30am, lunch is 12 to 1.00pm and dinner is from 4.30 to 5.30pm.
7) Good plain food is served with the aid of assistance from the local community.

8) The residents themselves tend to congregate together and in the summer make good use of the parks and open areas.

9) The shelters provide a whole range of services helping people search for housing and assisted accommodation, assisting the residents with the authorities such as tax assistance and grant applications and replacement of lost identities.

10) Many homeless read newspapers, books or use small computers but the most popular source of entertainment is television with sports broadcasts and news programs high on the list.
11) some are, but not many are street hustlers.

12) The majority of people there are concerned with getting back into the community

13) Those who are living with an addiction plus drug rehabilitation programs are important in this respect.

14) Every night Beds not occupied by that time are given to other people

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  1. Alan says:

    Usually it just takes some re-education for residents to embrace shelters as a benefit for them, With a little planning you can avoid some of the common negative situation that may arise.
    1, Always scan the parks in the vicinity for used condoms and syringes before you let your kids play.
    2, Avoid walking alone at night.
    3, Ensure Security cameras on your property are functioning properly.
    4, Encourage your small children to interact with the homeless men in a positive manner to avoid hostility and harm.
    And remember the housing prices are over inflated so by encouraging urban hobo’s to live in your neighborhood you are actually helping correct the housing market.

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