16p11.2 deletion syndrome, Chromosome 20p duplication

Its a neurological, developmental condition; it is considered a disorder.


It is disabling in many and varied ways.


It is lifelong.

It does not harm or kill of its own accord.

It is an edifying and meaningful component of a person’s identity.


It defines the ways in which an individual experiences and understands the world around him or her.


It is all-pervasive.

Chromosome 20p duplication

Synonyms: Duplication 20p, Trisomy 20p, 20p duplication, 20p trisomy, Partial trisomy 20p

16p11.2 duplication

Synonyms: Susceptibility to Autism, 14B, AUTS14B, 16p11.2 duplication syndrome, 16p11.2 microduplication

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