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View of condo skyline from Lakeshore Rd West

This view from the site on a new condo just west of Bathurst St off Lakeshore Rd. West on the north side provide a clear view of Toronto’s new skyline.

67 Vine Ave fire

Today, the house in yesterday’s post about an unkempt house on Vine Ave, was gutted by a fire.  Some of the fire department personel commented to neighbours that the house will have to be torn down. No one was hurt in the fire, and hopefully they found a place to go to.

Architecturally, this is a lovely house; the only one in the Junction, it seems, with a very old slate roof. It is also one of few houses with a facade, pretty much as when the house was first built. This is rare in the Junction, so you may want to take a look now. 71 Vine ave, just west of Keele St.

Three blocks with energy

Walk, ride, or drive up Runnymede Road from St Johns Street to St Clair Avenue and the you can just feel happy energy. Laughing construction workers building the new hospital. People eating at the 7-eleven and Mr Pita. Move on past Jumbo Burgers, always happy service there for so many years and you come into a new hive of activity. Situated around the development of the old CP Rail Torcan trucking site with Walmart,  two new banks and a game store. Phew what a good feeling try it!

Does WTO need Residential Permit Parking forums?

no parking

We all know the house, illegally divided into 4 apartments, where the city allows two, and this isn’t such a problem as long as the property owner (landlord) provides services to the building to take up the added stress this intense use causes to the direct neighbors and the community. Any good landlord ensures the building is clean the garage and recycling are taken out and the containers taken back in after collection.

The issue is the parking, many of these houses have 3 to 5 cars permitted and parked on the adjacent streets. Many people see themselves parking on different streets than they live on simply because of the cities willing ness to issue what seems to be unreasonable numbers of permits to an individual house. the complicity between the landlord and the city strains the community for both the the people owning and renting.  Well thought out rules enforced contribute to a healthy neighborhood.

– Dereliction of Duty – On Vine Ave.

Vine ave dereliction

Buildings such as this one on Vine Avenue are in the worst cases becoming a fire hazards, unsafe for those living in them, or a haven for drug dealers, and in general reducing property values. Abandoned and unkept buildings can be a problem that greatly impacts all of the people living near them. It appears no work is done on maintaining this house other than standing in front of the house, waiting for prospective renters, who obviously would live somewhere else if they could afford it. Shouldn’t they be provided with a basic standard?

City of Toronto sells off west end lane

The city of Toronto directed the City Solicitor to enact a draft bylaw to permanently close the public lane at the rear of 76 Davenport Road. The Toronto and East York Community Council held a statutory public meeting on May 6,2008 and notice was given in accordance with the City of Toronto Act, 2006, and no one (attended to) address the Community Council.

That is no one cared enough about losing this public space to do anything about it, theres more – they sold the lane to these guys – Seventy-Six Davenport GP Ltd. and 964496 Ontario Limited who plan to build – guess – part of their proposed condo on the lane.

The idea of the condos at 76 Davenport Road is probably good for the area, it’s a very drive by section of the Davenport, which will change with all the condo owners going out for pleasant walks up and down the streets and laneways.

But did we have to lose the lane.

Terms and Conditions of Agreement of Purchase and Sale of the lane (PDF file)

The Bylaw to close the lane

Smallest, Coolest Apartment (we can them condos in TO)


Every year, interior design blog Apartment Therapy holds its Smallest, Coolest Apartment contest, receiving entries from creative apartment dwellers from everywhere. Want design ideas for your condo space or smaller Victoriam house take a look!

Scroll down on the apartment therapy site to see the winners under the heading – All Entries

Quebec Av N of Dundas St W to have more parking


Etobicoke York Community Council approved the enactment of the proposed parking regulations on both sides of Quebec Avenue. Parking regulations now allow parking on both sides of Quebec Avenue, north of Dundas St. West (May 06 2008)

Note that the rescinded no parking anytime from the lane south to Dundas St. W will mean cars will now be able to be parked right up to Dundas St. W

What a West Toronto development site costs – an example

207 New Toronto St

Realnet – a real estate Information Service used by just about very commercial property investor and developer is reporting 207 New Toronto St. Etobicoke, has sold for $8,620,000 in a 100% ownership transfer or

The land is part of old ICI companies land and a few years ago Toronto Redi-Mix wanted to operate a concrete batch operation at the site. With this sale, has that been completely pushed off the table?

New Toronto Good Neighbours Association opposed this plant strongly, although they did support a package delivery company proposal on the Former Ivaco site bounded by 8th St., 13th St., New Toronto St. and Birmingham St.

Toronto Redi-Mix is a well regarded company in the construction industry as indicated in the industrial media, it just seems they cannot work it out which understandable as each has it’s own goals. Interestedly the New Toronto Good Neighbours Association site fails to update on the outcome of their effort. Would it be helpful to other groups if they provide a brief summary of the outcome…?

More buyers opting for condos in Toronto


Picture credit – St-Even’s

More people are buying condos in Toronto rather than single-detached homes states article in today’s National Post (which can be said to include the 2 to 5 unit build houses that comprise much of the old city of Toronto’s housing stock?)

Highlight points..

The former City of Toronto, representing 50% of the GTA’s condo development activity, states a story in todays National Post.

Resale unit pricing was up 8.3% from last year

Construction began on 4,546 new condo units in the greater Toronto area in the first quarter of 2008

Survey: 56 more condos so far in ’08 (National Post)