Mimico Station Grand Trunk Railway relocation


Picture credit – David 2008

I never saw the station in its original location but it is obvious that it had long since fallen into disrepair. It seems the station was on the verge of demolition when a group of local activists took up its cause and won approval from the city for a plan of removal to a new location and restoration, which, according to their site is imminent now that it is consolidated to its final home on its new foundation. The movement from its original location two years ago was quite an operation as can be seen in this video: http://www.youtube.com/user/MimicoStation.

minico from GO Station

In the picture above, taken from the entrance to the contemporary GO station, you can see the chain link fenced area where the old station sat for two years waiting for its permanent home. To the right you can see the station in its new permanent home where it was moved last November in Coronation Park at the corner of Judson and Royal York Rd.

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