Freed Developments sovereign rights declared

Another piece of the puzzle? , oh it isn’t a puzzle, but could it be that somewhere – somehow Freed Developments was given and maybe taken through some others dereliction of duty, sovereign rights over the design and development of a grand area of downtown West Toronto.

500wellingtonwest 17 Penthouse Lofts(2500-6000sqft) Contemporary Design —- 20 Stewart 59 modern lofts —- 66 Portland nine stunning stories, with 85 stylish lofts —- 550 Wellington West this 102-room designer hotel and 336-unit condominium —- Six50 (650) King West 214 Unit Residential Condominium —- 455 Adelaide west 93 modern lofts and 10 glass townhomes —- 75 Portland

All theirs. Maybe he just dropped into city hall, asked for permission, and all the elected ignored him, and did he then say to himself well if they won’t fit out the town, maybe I should. It appears that way. Peter Freed wants to create extraordinary places for people to live he states, and well his buildings can be real good and pretty to look at. Especially all that glass which his team uses to great effect and purpose. But shouldn’t someone be following him around keeping a watchful eye?

Freed developments The music at their 75 Portland site is great

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