Does WTO need Residential Permit Parking forums?

no parking

We all know the house, illegally divided into 4 apartments, where the city allows two, and this isn’t such a problem as long as the property owner (landlord) provides services to the building to take up the added stress this intense use causes to the direct neighbors and the community. Any good landlord ensures the building is clean the garage and recycling are taken out and the containers taken back in after collection.

The issue is the parking, many of these houses have 3 to 5 cars permitted and parked on the adjacent streets. Many people see themselves parking on different streets than they live on simply because of the cities willing ness to issue what seems to be unreasonable numbers of permits to an individual house. the complicity between the landlord and the city strains the community for both the the people owning and renting.  Well thought out rules enforced contribute to a healthy neighborhood.

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