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dundas and keele w cars

—- Emergency Task Force went into one residence in the Dundas and Keele area, in the early morning raids involving the Guns and Gangs task force. Police Carry Out Early Morning Raids At Several Locations (City TV)

Police have taken into custody in the Jane and Dundas and Keele and Dundas areas a 20-year-old man and two 16-year-olds who they claim were behind a string of robberies that have been targeting TTC passengers since last year. Police Bust Gang Allegedly Attacking And Robbing TTC Passengers. (Citytv news)

Thanks to the commenter (see comments) who informed me that the two stories above were different.

—– At Oakwood Ave. and Vaughan Rd, the 5-Points Community Action group wants to see responsible bar owners and they want to see the after-hours clubs shut down. In this area like many in WTO attention to community life and enjoyment is often overlooked by the elected persons charged by the position of their office to plan and develop services, bylaws, and foster community involvement – and then have the bylaws and community interests enforced. A common refrain given by many officials and councilors in the WTO is that there are many different opinions in most issues. They also claim lack the resources in time equipment or funding. As long as the members of the community accept these claims nothing will change. The 5-Points Community Action group should commended for its efforts, as well as the 60 people who showed up, those who didn’t – shame. West-end residents fight bars, booze-cans (Toronto Star)

—- The median cost of housing in the Toronto region was $13,084 a year – or $1,090 a month – in 2006, with a total of 67.6 per cent of households in the Toronto region being owners of house or condos. Toronto home ownership costs escalating (Toronto Star)

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  1. sonny p

    The first two stories are not the same. The bust at Keele/Dundas was for the MS-13 gang. The "gang" robbing people on the TTC was busted in March. Maybe you didn't mean for it to look the same but it did.

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