junction community meeting Wednesday July 2nd 7:00pm

its your junction community meeting july 2nd 7pm

A meeting to discuss issues and and chat about the community – and meet each other at the Troubadour Bar 3071 Dundas St. West  (at Quebec North side of Dundas)

Kristy of the Troubadour bar has kindly donated her patio for the meeting starting at 7 pm.

One of the issues to be presented is the organizing of a residents association so the community can have a joint voice.


The idea of a residents association is terrific. I sincerely hope it comes to fruition. Perhaps this meeting invitation should be posted on all the Junction facebook groups?

Thank you to whoever is organizing this meeting. I will be there to share and contribute and help renew the Junction Residents Association which was active from 2000-2004. Thank You. Tony Ferrante.

Hello Carmen,

I was at the junction community meeting. It was a good turnout (about 30 people) but it was unorganized with no leader.

Next meeting, August 6, 2008 at the Troubadour, we need some Robert's Rules and a chair.

We went around the patio and everybody introduced themselves and gave a reason why they would like a residences association. I think the next meeting will be more productive.

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