Is Toronto in decline? (Toronto Star headline)

Using census data to identify problems the Fraser Institute has cited Toronto as a declining city, the census data does provide this sort of picture. While neighborhood people continue to develop their communities within the city, the municipal infrastructure that supports these communities is weakening. Look, at the condition of the roads – bad.  There are also continuing cutbacks in school services and parks.

Some points from the news release.

“While most other major cities across Canada have experienced growing incomes and job creation, Toronto has become a national laggard. It’s little wonder a feeling of unease has crept into the public’s consciousness,” Harris said.

Toronto may be losing its status as Canada’s pre-eminent city and business hub and that has city residents worried, according to a new study and poll from independent research organization the Fraser Institute.

Is Toronto in decline? (Toronto Star)

Fraser Institute News Release

Link to Fraser Institute report (PDF)

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