Queen West Market and the trend for craft maker run spaces

From their site

Queen West Market is intended to provide an opportunity for Vendors to showcase their
products to the general public. Whether it be art, fashion designs, collectibles or food creations.

about…For the west side of Toronto this space where makers/designers can rent space and sell their works is great especially for people who wish to have something of greater connection to the area where they live as many craft people tend to place a lot of community into their work. The works available in such a setting our going to be out of the normal fare of the large retail store or even most small chains, or independents with all the goodness that creates.

But one of the most interesting items concerning this space is that it appears to be operated by a craft person Karen Kawarsky and a person who runs a vintage clothing retail space Kealan Sullivan.  This is exceptionally great as it somewhat brings back the West Toronto craft tradition to the craft side of town. Although Toronto never had a craft movement as strong as the Roycrofters (wikipedia) in Upstate New York it did have a strong grouping of people in the High Park and Junction area, who worked out of small shops and many from their homes.

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