Toronto has 140

Neighbourhoods (still working out which do /are  part of Toronto West)

Neighbourhoods  descriptions of Toronto’s west end  written up on Wikipedia can be interesting, for example this 1st one  High Park North which seems to exit just below the junction, no doubt if you live there you probably know the name. Yet isn’t this city split into too many neighbourhoods, it would seem that on a lot of issues all of the communities listed below would have common interests. It comes to mind that with so many neighbourhoods we may be losing the true sense and defining population characterizations of what is needed to produce a knit community with imaginary area dividing lines.

from widipedia…

High Park North is an officially-defined neighbourhood of the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is bounded on the south by Bloor Street, on the west by Runnymede Road, on the north by Annette Street, Quebec Avenue and Humberside Avenue, and on the east by the CNR/CPR railway tracks. It is located in the Parkdale-High Park provincial and federal ridings. High Park North is mainly residential, containing many semi-detached homes built in the early 20th century. North of High Park, the neighbourhood has several high-rise apartment buildings, built after the construction of the Bloor-Danforth subway.

Runnymede-Bloor West Village is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada located north of Bloor Street West between Jane Street and Runnymede Road north to Dundas Street West. It is located directly north of the Swansea and west of the High Park North neighbourhoods. Located along Bloor Street is Canada’s first ‘business improvement area’ (BIA), “Bloor West Village.” Homes in this neighbourhood are generally two story brick houses, however renovations are becoming popular and many of the traditional homes are being torn down to create larger, more modern homes

Swansea is a neighbourhood in the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, bounded on the west by the Humber River, on the north by Bloor Street, on the east by High Park and on the south by Lake Ontario. The neighbourhood was originally a separate municipality, the Village of Swansea, which was annexed by the City of Toronto in 1967 Swansea is primarily residential in nature