Why does a Pickering publisher think they are needed here?

Today a paper arrived, it’s new?  What is it for?  Why do the publishers of this paper think the Junction community needs a paper from an American company with a branch publishing arm in Canada?  Simply this is a commercial enterprise seeking to profit from the held belief the Junction is demographically an upcoming community. A little research has shown this company likes real estate ads to feed on.  If this effort was a commercial company formed by a group of West Toronto citizens intent on publishing a real community paper, people who walk the streets each day and catch the thoughts in the air – great. Is this paper really necessary or is it simply a problem?

Troubling as the the idea of this drop in paper is, further most if not all the editorial content seems to be off the shelf, with no local authors.

This papers appearance may remind some people of the Port Hope newspaper The Crier a protest newspaper 1st published in 1999 by some Port hope citizens troubled with Conrad Black’s ownership of the local newspaper, the Evening Guide. Author Farley Mowat was one of the backers of this great paper that lasted but 15 months –  it ended later after Black put all of his papers up for sale.

Maybe the community protest here should be to the advertisers who support this effort? As long as they buy ads these guys will stick around- no ads and they are gone.

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The publishers web site click here


Received this email a while back, along with some attachments (rate card, etc…). Looks like there's at least some local momentum behind it, but yeah….appears to basically be a real estate advertising paper. I haven't seen the printed paper yet.

Hi There,

My name is Joanna from Junction Realty Inc., Brokerage. Junction Realty is starting a newspaper which will be named the Junction Express. Attached you will find a media kit for anyone who is interested in joining the newspaper for local businsses to participate. This is a local paper dealing with local events. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me at any time to discuss this opportunity.

Joanna Kraczek
Junction Realty Inc., Brokerage
3091 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON
M6P 1Z9

Thanks for the info Nearby resident for the additional information. The introduction letter to prospect advertisers you posted in your comment states that the Junction Realty concern is starting the paper, yet the masthead in the paper uses a Pickering address and the website forwards to a USA site.

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