Junction Residents Meeting someone to hear you out

The next Junction Residents Assoc. Meeting is Tuesday, September 9th, 7:00 pm  could possibly be as important as to the junction as when Ben Grys started in the Junction, when, with the community and as an alderman he DOUBLED the size of Vine parkette. That all started with a small residents meeting, the big difference between then and now, is the number of people who care enough to attend the RA meeting, back then just about everyone did.

This meeting is to get some co-chairs set up give then the task of getting it running though assisting others in the group in their actions.

The RA can work – with just a small amount of support by everyone, just attending a meeting is so much help as shows your support.

West Toronto Baptist Church 3049 Dundas St West (south side of Dundas St, at McMurray Ave)

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