Dundas St West bridge crossing the Humber

Very little information is accessible (couldn’t find any) about this major refurbishment of the Dundas St West bridge crossing the Humber between Scarlett Rd. and Royal York Rd. Unlike the Millwood Rd. bridge over the Don Valley which was primarily a resurfacing (and still took a couple years) this seems like a virtual rebuilding of the bridge.  The cost must be staggering.

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Correct, very little information is found on this work. What initially started out as a resurfacing and minor refurbish has now evolved into a full blown reconstruction project that will take at least a couple of years to complete. It would have been nice if the City informed it's citizens of the work, and even nicer if councillor Bill Saundercook published something, anything on this. Yet another example of the new transparency that Mayor David Miller keeps talking about. We deserve better.

This bridge is definitely a really big job. Has anyone heard if they are re-doing the Scarlett Rd. CP Rail bridge between St. Clair and Dundas St.? I found some plans, but don't know if they're actually doing it. I think it would be great.


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