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Junction Residents Association daycare plans for the upcoming meeting

Two responsible teenage girls and Cherina and Davina  will be supervising the childcare for the meeting.

They are both 16 and have been babysitting for several families in the neighborhood for the last 2 years and also each hold an emergency first aid certificate (references are available upon request).

Also, Linda Clements, a JRA co -chair who is a First Aid Instructor will be present throughout the meeting.

We’ve arranged for a few “mothers helpers” to be present as well and there are a few other high school students willing to help if need be.

The church has a separate daycare room that they are letting us use.

**It would be appreciated if children could bring their own toys or activities.

There is no fee.

If you or any other parents have any questions please feel free to contact me Linda Clement at

Next Meeting: Thursday Nov 6 @ 7pm – West Toronto Baptist Church, 3049 Dundas St. W

Sony Centre for the Performing Arts amendment to create a public plaza

above:Wall treatments proposed

The Sony Centre Redevelopment – will result in the creation of a public plaza in the strata land originally intended either for the City Centre cultural project or for a commercial development.

from the city report, take note of the coloured text

The original Umbrella Agreement with Castlepoint Realty Partners Ltd. (Castlepoint) incorporated a fallback scenario in which a commercial development would be constructed in the strata land below the proposed condominium tower in lieu of the City

Centre. However, at its meeting in July, 2008, Council approved amendments to the Umbrella Agreement that provided staff and the developer, Castlepoint Realty Partners Ltd., with the opportunity to examine a further alternative for this strata land. Under this alternative, the strata land would be used for additional residential development and a public plaza instead of a commercial development. Staff have determined that this new alternative will result in significant public benefits and that it will aid in the operations of the existing theatre.

Anywhere – other than this site, a developer could be seen to be using the planning system to his own advantage, yet here the developer will probably make less money off the additional residential placed on the site than the other option of a commercial development.

Link to the city’s staff report [opens in new window]

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Are condo developers taking over park development in West Toronto?

The artist rendering plan of the West Toronto condo development above is only an example of the park like setting most west end condo developers are placing in the their multiplex  building projects.

Look at all the park like features included for the use of their customers, in the above example they even include a putting green and a water fall, and a “community” BBQ area.  All of these are great recreational park features, present in many public parks.

Developer efforts made in this manner are great for those who purchase the condos in their development. They will have many of the amenities present in public parks right there at the foot of their building  to use. Greater access and ease of use than using the same conveniences in a public park, which is the worrying part – will private developer parks contribute to the breakdown in ground level community support to public parks.

Why put effort into a community park if the one outside your door is there for me, many people will ask. Of course there are many reasons, such as community cohesion, but thoughts such as these require contemplation and effort which many people do not have the time for in a city that people have come to expect good city parks.

Developer parks something coming upon the west end fast without much realization.

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Vine Ave. front facade reno in their own way

47 Vine Ave has grown a very usual front side protuberance; albeit, one without much curb appeal. Still wondering if this is a simple addition to add another apartment.
Whatever it is – it blocks the front door.

The Village by High Park, really busy past few days at site

The site has been particularly busy, with a lot of work going on about the area of the retaining wall with vertical ibeams being driven into the ground and a whole lot of grey rock being placed in the area about 1o meters from the track side of the lot.

City of Toronto Council items of note: Dasher board system at High Park Ice Rink

Picture credit – Grant Macdonald Flickr

Construction during November 2008 and be finished  in December 2008 to replace dasher board system at High Park Artificial Ice Rink. New dasher boards will be purchased and installed using a donation of $150,000.00 from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment on Wikipedia [opens in new window]

Parks, Forestry and Recreation will contribute $45,000 towards the joint project to repair the surrounding fencing at the same facility.

The cities acceptance of this donation was moved by: Councillor Saundercook and seconded by: Councillor Grimes. This type of basic, down-to-needs effort from elected members is just what they should be doing.

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A reno keeps the of character house, maybe?

If this renovation, taking place now on Grafton Ave. which is near Queen and Roncesvalles Ave retains the exterior ornamental eve and covered entry roof over the front door, it will be great news for the area. Grafton Ave. a small street running east off Roncesvalles Ave has for many years been abused by people coming in and performing very rough and quick renovations, and in some cases outright demolition. Lots on the street have been used to construct large intense infill houses. With all of this happening many of the houses have lost their character, which this house has been able to retain, hope that holds true for its future.

Exhibition Place: Ghostly Secrets Revealed Wednesday, October 29th at 7:00 p.m

from Heritage Toronto site

Exhibition Place: Ghostly Secrets Revealed


On Wednesday October 29th at 7:00 p.m., please join Steve Collie for a very special ghost tour of the Exhibition Grounds, with all proceeds benefiting the United Way.

Exhibition Place is known for its bright lights and entertaining shows, but lurking below the surface are a few well-kept secrets that, until this walking tour, were primarily known only to staff who work the late shift. That the grounds should harbour otherworldly visitors is not much of a surprise: the Horticulture Building was once used as a temporary morgue; the current site of the CNE midway was a bloody battlefield during the War of 1812; and the grounds were once home to two military forts. Not to mention the CNE’s own long history, going back to 1879 – plenty of time and plenty of reasons for an accumulation of “things that go bump in the night.”

Date: Wednesday, October 29th
7:00 p.m.
Steve Collie
Start Point: General Services Building, 2 Manitoba Drive at Strachan Ave. (north of the Princes’ Gate entrance to the Exhibition Grounds)
Finish Point: Scadding Cabin
Length: Approximately 2-3 hrs.
Difficulty: Long walk on level ground; some stairs
Cost: $5.00 charge per person with all money raised going to United Way

Recent posts on the Junction Parents Blog

CPR Canadian Holiday Train Visits Junction

The train which is traveling across the country will to raise food, money and awareness for local food banks. Bring your cash and food donations and support your local food bank.

Just remember these are very short stops being 30 minutes only
Tuesday, December 2 

  • Junction stop Toronto – 6:30 to 7:00 p.m. – 87 Ethel Avenue, adjacent to RONA

    and if you cannot make that the closest next stop is 

    Vaughan – 9:00 to 9:30 p.m. – Northwest corner of CP Vaughan Intermodal Yard andNashville Road, near grain elevator.

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