500 St Clair Ave West pulling Forest Hill a little further west

500 St Clair Ave West  a 21 storey project.,  at the northwest corner of Bathurst and St Clair West. is phase one of a two phase project with the second phase to begin construction soon at 530 St Clair Ave. West.

September 3

Picture Credit – David

Named The Forest Hill yet not located in what most people delineate as Forest Hill, its a bit like calling the Junction,  upper High Park; its close enough that I don’t think anyone will complain about it but not so close that people who really want to be known for living in Forest Hill would buy a unit there. If they do, they might be a little disappointed. Nevertheless, a great location with an entrance to St Clair West subway station a block away, streetcars, buses, walkable routes and all shopping and eating services at the door.

October 14

Picture Credit – David

Visit their “media” page for construction updates and releases

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  1. It's like the way The Village by High Park ignores that it's right beside a lovely and historic Victorian strip within walking distance.

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