A reno keeps the of character house, maybe?

If this renovation, taking place now on Grafton Ave. which is near Queen and Roncesvalles Ave retains the exterior ornamental eve and covered entry roof over the front door, it will be great news for the area. Grafton Ave. a small street running east off Roncesvalles Ave has for many years been abused by people coming in and performing very rough and quick renovations, and in some cases outright demolition. Lots on the street have been used to construct large intense infill houses. With all of this happening many of the houses have lost their character, which this house has been able to retain, hope that holds true for its future.


Yep, sorry about that, once awhile I don't click the mouse right and didn't approve my own comment which I made from another computer. i do welcome the comments, thanks for them

I and another junctioneer contributor are watching to speak to the owner, we go buy every few days. There are fewer and fewer of these houses with the orig. design elements in tack.

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