Junction Residents Association daycare plans for the upcoming meeting

Two responsible teenage girls and Cherina and Davina  will be supervising the childcare for the meeting.

They are both 16 and have been babysitting for several families in the neighborhood for the last 2 years and also each hold an emergency first aid certificate (references are available upon request).

Also, Linda Clements, a JRA co -chair who is a First Aid Instructor will be present throughout the meeting.

We’ve arranged for a few “mothers helpers” to be present as well and there are a few other high school students willing to help if need be.

The church has a separate daycare room that they are letting us use.

**It would be appreciated if children could bring their own toys or activities.

There is no fee.

If you or any other parents have any questions please feel free to contact me Linda Clement at junctionRA@gmail.com

Next Meeting: Thursday Nov 6 @ 7pm – West Toronto Baptist Church, 3049 Dundas St. W

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