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3 West Toronto Finalists for the Heritage Toronto Awards

Heritage Toronto has announced the short-listed finalists for the 34th Annual Heritage Toronto Awards, 3 of which are in West Toronto. In addition, one the of the other nominees is in West Toronto.

The awards celebrate outstanding contributions by individuals and community organizations.

At the Hertitage Toronto Site are a lot of great images and background [opens in new window] on the buildings.  The addresses and a image of each is from the Heritage Toronto site.

Regal Road School Portico, 95 Regal Road

map it via google maps link
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another finalist

Wesley Building, 299 Queen Street West old CHUM/City building

and last, but not least, a nominee:

Kingsway-Lambton United Church, 85 The Kingsway

James Court dirt to foundation update

Watching another project in close prox to The Village by High Park provides an insight to the where the current process at the Village by High Park is heading. James Court – a condo project off Royal York Rd in The Humbertown area north of Dundas ST. has placed in the shoring and appears to be moving to pouring foundation concrete.

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The Village by High Park

The project moves on with the further inserting of piles into the ground and the removal of the last sections of the foundation. As the work is watched, an interesting question is, will they dig the lot out to a normal foundation level right to Keele St. and to the tracks, which may necessitate the complete removal of the old subway wall.

Village by High Park demo contractor truck dirt and concrete from the site up Black Creek Blvd.

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Gafton Community garden

Grafton community garden is a wonderful little park North West on Roncesvalles near the intersection of Roncesvalles, Queen and King Streets. On Oct 25 they are having a garlic and bulb planting day. This community really does have a lot of support from the neighborhood – not just support – but timely support by the looks of the scarecrow – which is just right for the season.

In many areas people speak a lot about supporting their park and making the park a real part of the community.  Well the people involved and the communities around this park have done it. Many other parks groups in WTO should take note.

St Clair Ave west Wal-Mart hosts RVs

Wal-Mart is one of the few big businesses to allow camper vans and trailers to spend the night free of charge. Many RV campers are taking advantage of  Wal-Mart parking lots along the way. And they  have found this a  great savings during their travels.  These campers can be seen in many communities at Wal-Mart, but are not often seen at inner city Wal-Marts.

Yet Wednesday afternoon there were three RV’s in the Walmart lot at St Clair Ave. west. and Runnymede Ave.

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500 St Clair Ave West pulling Forest Hill a little further west

500 St Clair Ave West  a 21 storey project.,  at the northwest corner of Bathurst and St Clair West. is phase one of a two phase project with the second phase to begin construction soon at 530 St Clair Ave. West.

September 3

Picture Credit – David

Named The Forest Hill yet not located in what most people delineate as Forest Hill, its a bit like calling the Junction,  upper High Park; its close enough that I don’t think anyone will complain about it but not so close that people who really want to be known for living in Forest Hill would buy a unit there. If they do, they might be a little disappointed. Nevertheless, a great location with an entrance to St Clair West subway station a block away, streetcars, buses, walkable routes and all shopping and eating services at the door.

October 14

Picture Credit – David

Visit their “media” page for construction updates and releases

105-107 Quebec Avenue – The High Park Executive old venture anew

Someone has converted a house in the south Quebec Ave. area into long-term term rentals for business trips, temporary housing, or corporate transfers. Although many people may find this a new occurrence in the area, it is not. For a long time the original developer of the apartment block complex on High Park Ave. used the 2 story town houses just north of Bloor St. for this purpose.

As a business venture it’s hoped it will succeed for the people involved. Nevertheless, the building just does not have the visual stance it should have, but rather, retains the flavour of a 60 or 70’s duplex.
From their email…

The High Park Executive Residence is ideal for:
Business clients
Long-term business trips Temporary housing for corporate transfers
For those who prefer the feel of home as appose to a feel of a hotel room

We are located in the heart of High Park a beautiful matured community street. Ideally located between Pearson International Airport and the downtown core.

We have the following rooms available
1-bedroom suites 1000 sqft.
2-bedroom suites 1000 sqft.
3-bedroom suites 1250 sqft.

Link to their site

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Village by High Park crushed water pipe Friday still running Tuesday 1 am

It appears the city has located the correct pipe to cap after the Village by High Park shoring contractor hit a water pipe Friday. It must be really difficult to map the old water pipes in the Junction, even the city took three days to find the right one. No doubt the contractor was surprized to have hit a pipe.

Too much unintended thought in WTO renos?

This house is one reason why the influx of architects opening shops in WTO is needed.
This house on Windermere Avenue is undergoing an upgrade of some sort, and leaving it to people living on the street to make a final decision as to its value, there is still much to be considered about the exterior treatments being used.
1st, they are painting the normal type of brick used in Toronto-  a material made to be applied to building as a veneer or in greater thickness to create a self supporting wall.  Painted brick will peel, letting someone tell you it won’t is fooling yourself.
It also appears they are keeping the veranda closed in, which is a shame as verandas are wonderful places to sit and experience the urban outdoors. In Toronto, unheated and enclosed outside verandas quickly take on a smell of mildew and a feeling of damp.

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Village by High Park hits a water pipe Friday

The Village by High Park hit a watermain early Friday afternoon, creating a pool at the north west side of the lot.


Water still running Saturday ay 3pm.