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Benjamin Moore DOES move office out of Junction

Friday Oct 17th arrives with none of the usual workers cars outside of the Benjamin Moore head office on Mulock Ave, confirming yesterdays post. See yesterday’s post below or by clicking here.

Benjamin Moore moves head office out of the Junction?

old address

Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited , 139 Mulock Ave, Toronto, ON, M6N 1G9

new address (October 17,  08 change on their web site)
Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited, 7070 Mississauga Road, Suite 100, Mississauga, ON L5N 5M8.

Village by High Park questions about retaining wall

Options for Homes, The Village by High Park project continues work on their site drilling holes and generally moving some dirt around. The drilling of the holes is the most interesting work on the site now. What they do in this area will determine the structural interaction of the railway and the new building. This is of prime importance to those buying units in the building because many homes in the area feel the passing train vibrations as trains go by; hopefully the buyers of units in this project will not feel them as strongly.

Benjamin Moore moves head office out of the Junction?

It appears – and this blog has been told that Benjamin Moore which has had a industrial presence in the Junction since January 14, 1907 is closing it’s offices here.  A couple of years ago it moved its manufacturing plant to Burlington, Ontario.

From the companies history page

On September 7, 1906 the Canadian company was incorporated. Benjamin Moore was elected president at the first shareholders meeting held on September 11, 1906. In 1911 Fred Moore, Benjamin’s half brother, became Treasurer and managing director of the Canadian subsidiary. The plant on Lloyd Avenue was purchased on January 14, 1907. [some text redacted]

Manufacturing in the Toronto plant also was discontinued after 94 years. The Burlington, Ontario manufacturing facility (formerly Technical Coatings Co. Limited) was expanded to centralize all solvent-based production and the Montreal facility also expanded and became an all-latex facility.

For the company having a head office in this location on Mulock Ave. probably made no business sense, now that the original plant had stopped operating.

Benjamin Moore is an astute company in product development and its paint products hold a high value opinion with the general paint buying public mind. This company would have been a great firm to keep in the community.

Junction BIA puts on Halloween in the Junction

The Rue Morgue part should be great, even for adults.

Speculation about the lot next to the Wal-Mart at St. Clair Ave. W. at Jane St.

Back in August in a post it was mentioned that a car dealership is seeking approval to open next to the Wal-Mart on the south side of St Clair Ave just before Jane St. Well after watching tidbits of information gleaned here and there, it is a strong possibility that the car dealership will be Old Mill Pontiac Buick Cadillac Limited. This GM dealership has long been operating at 2500 Bloor St West but they have sold their current site to a developer.

From the city’s backgrounder


The applicant, KLM Planning Partners Inc., has submitted an application to permit the
development of the 3.6 hectare site with 6 commercial retail buildings, including
restaurants, and a car dealership with a motor vehicle repair shop. The portion of the site
located west of Jane Street, is proposed to be used as a parking and storage area for the
car dealership’s vehicle stock. The site is to be developed in Phases, with Phase I being
the dealership, Phase II – the three building on the east portion of the site and Phase III –
the middle portion of the site. All three phases will be connected by and have access to
the internal driveways. Canadian Pacific Railway has indicated that Phase III will likely
not occur for approximately five years as the environmental remediation for the middle
portion of the site will take that long to complete. The Application Data Sheet
(Attachment 6) provides all the relevant project information.
Site and Surrounding Area
The proposed development will be located on a portion of the CPR lands on the south
side of St. Clair Avenue West at Jane Street.

CP Railway Lands – St. Clair Avenue West and Jane
Street – Official Plan Amendment and Rezoning
Applications – Final Report

Full report [opens in new window]

Options/ The Village by High Park removes more old wall

Options/ The Village by High Park continued work on the east side of Keele St. today removing more of the old subway wall and a lot of 2 foot drilling.

In other areas on the site they are doing earth moving and removal of foundation, they have not touched the railway basin wall as of yet.


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Vine parkette drop test passes with flying colours

Monday Morning (Oct 14/08) a team of three parks employees conducted a drop test in the new playground area to ensure they area was surface safe for children playing on the playground equipment. Alphe Savoie a playground practitioner with the parks department made the test with two of his park department associates.

The test was made with the  Triax 2000 triaxial accelerometer which measures impact in three dimensions using a hemispheric shaped head from. The head from is dropped from a tripod from a distance –  in this case of approx 8 feet. The Gs, HIC, and impact velocity are measured. the velocity, time, and date of each drop are reported. The city then archives this data for compliance reporting.

The results of   this mornings test are as follows. The numbers listed below are representative of all the drops done at the testing time, all of which  I watched.

Peak of 55 ( Gs)  where the upper limit  number is 200

Peak of 158 (HIC) where the upper limit  number is 1000

You can see by the numbers the surfcae passed with flying colours.

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Upcoming events at the West Toronto Junction Historical Society

Local Option Arts Awards Celebration Thurs.
you can read all about this at The Arts Junction Blog.

and  this great big gem

Thurs.  Nov. 1

7:30 pm Business meeting.
8:15 pm . Richard Spiegelman,

…who writes articles about automobiles

and is an expert on the history of their manufacture and retailing, will inform us of cars built in Toronto.

Link to his site

Victoria Royce Presbyterian Church stained glass coming down

The Victoria Royce Presbyterian Church stained glass windows are coming down this week and are destined for another church, we are told by the company removing the glass. The Junction loses a real important artifact that helped set the grammar of ornament on Annette St. Yet at least it’s going into another church.

A tip came in from blog reader Hamish so we scooted right over there. Here are some images of the removal.

Picture Credit – Robert

An update will be posted, once we can get more info.

City of Toronto meeting that affects the WTO Junction today

Public Works and Infrastructure Committee – Meeting 19 – October 10, 2008

A city advisory committee wants to recruit “3Rs Ambassadors” to help Toronto reach its target of diverting 70 per cent of garbage from the dump by 2010. The proposal goes to the works committee today.

This plan is to address condo unit and apartments which usually only recycle 15% of their waste.

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