Facebook used by condos buyers to link up

Condo buyers are using Face book to link after they buy their units, while construction of their building occurs. and…

A few days, ago a blog reader informed me that there are more Toronto condo groups on Facebook than the one for the Village by High Park development. After that, some other contributors to this blog noted that Facebook is good for helping people get connected; even for new condo buyers, where they get to know other owners in their condo before they even move into their new building.

On Facebook, they discuss their building construction process, the process of design and choosing finishes, fixtures and other upgrades, and some of the issues they need to deal with as a group with their developer. They do all this with the other purchasers of homes in the building, gaining insight into building construction and move-in time lines and with just about everything every other condo buyer needs to know.

So we thought, why not try to disseminate some of the plain, well thought out knowledge that is being built up in those Facebook groups into a local blog? – well this local blog. If you are condo buyer and a Facebook condo site member, why not share some of that knowledge for the betterment of the overall community? Just let know what you think should be known – you are only helpful to someone else when you do.

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