Going up, …for extra space

Sunday, March 30, 2008 03:58:41 PM

@ photo credit: Usonian

Maybe you’ve stretched your smallish Toronto home to its limits and
are looking for some way to carve out a free niche or you have a new
addition that needs its own space. Extra room can be expensive to buy
or add on to ones home and the typical Toronto back yard is already
groaning from encroachment.

So go to the attic. You may or may not have stairs; if not, you’ll
have to find the room for the rise and run of the steps which may
entail taking some space from a closet. Attic ladders are available but
they are not great for frequent use and not as safe as stairs.

The attic is usually an unheated space until it is modified for
living space, as a result, all the insulation is in the floor to stop
heat from rising from the living areas in the house through the ceiling
into the attic. This insulation may be in rough shape depending on how
old your house is and perhaps who used to live there. If you smoke or
there were smokers there previously, you make find very stinky
insulation with a mixture of sawdust and other construction debris. Get
rid of it, and wear a mask while your doing it. More on this to follow…

Creative Commons License photo credit: mattdesmond

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