CPR's Holiday Train recap

“”Beautiful!” “Cool!”and “Brilliant!” were just some of the comments from the hundred and hundreds of spectators as the CPR’s Holiday Train

rolled into the old iron yard at 87 Ethel ave last night.  This is the tenth anniversary for the spectacularly lit train which is making its way through six of our provinces.  The goal is to raise food and money, as well as awareness for local food banks.  It is important to note that all donations collected in a community remain in that community for local distribution.
There was a collective “ahhhh” as the steel side of the middle car lowered to reveal none other than Old St.Nick crooning his heart out.  Move over Brian Johnson…Santa Clause has come to town!  Holiday spirit was high as Tracey Brown, Randall Prescott as well as other very talented musicians took to the stage and rocked the yard.  Toes were tapping, people danced and sang, children bobbed on adult shoulders, councillors handed out donuts (which were generously donated by Tim Hortons).
In short, a good time was had by all!  It was the perfect way to start the holiday season.
Thank you CP Rail for spreading the good cheer.  And thank you, councillor Saundercook.  It is my understanding that you were instrumental in bringing the train to the Junction.  Hopefully word of mouth will spread about this captivating show and we’ll see the crowd grow next year.
 hope that it becomes an annual event for our neighborhood. And how appropriate, given our history!!
Posted by Linda Clements
Junction Residents Association

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I was there. They spent 15 minutes thanking various government and CP employees before they got on to the Santa part. How boring for the parents and children in attendance. Did we really need to pat everyone on the back like that? Are we thanking people for doing their jobs??

If anything that fillibuster thank-you speech should have been saved until the end of the performance.

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