Junction industrial job posting at Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited on Vine Ave.

from their listing…

Specific Skills: Read specifications or follow verbal instructions, Lay out, set up and operate one or more light or heavy metalworking machines, Cut, bend, roll, ream, punch, drill, weld or otherwise shape and form metal stock into parts or products, Check products for correct shapes, dimensions and other specifications, Troubleshoot, perform corrective action or minor repairs, Document work completed, Clean and lubricate equipment

Bending press operator – metal fabrication {complete job listing opens in new window}

why it’s more important than you may think…

Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited a venerable metal fabrication business [and design? don’t know] has posted a job offer on the federal Jobbank site. This is great, as the Junction needs more and even more industrial jobs. Other than the few that were created in the Junction – when ST Mary’s cement opened a distribution site at the old Monarch mills site on Junction Rd earlier this year, and which may have been people brought in from their other locations, there probably were not many created.

In terms of skilled industrial businesses Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited is one the few remaining in the Junction and the last below the tracks. Above the tracks there still is NRI (rubber), Canada Bread, Andrew Merrilees Limited (railroad track and materials), and a number of enterprises on Gunns Rd.

More listing hightlights

Salary: To be negotiated, Other Benefits, Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits, Group Insurance Benefits, Vision Care Benefits, As per collective agreement indicating that at least some of the plant is unionized.

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Fast-paced environment, Repetitive tasks, Physically demanding, Manual dexterity, Attention to detail

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  1. A.R. says:

    Maple Leaf Poultry is also an important firm in the Junction's present collection of industries.

    Also, a question: What is the situation with St. Mary's cement? They opened some kind of fly ash facility at the western silo, but there doesn't seem to much activity there.

    A last comment: Industrial jobs provide good opportunities, yet on the other hand the economy has really transitioned to more of a service based economy. A lot of people were pleased when certain factories in the Junction closed because their standard of living improved with less pollution, noise, and truck traffic. It's sad to say that knowing all the people who lost jobs.

    That's indeed the greatest challenge in the Junction, that mix of heavy industry and residential. It's not uncommon in the Junction north of Dundas. Canada Bread actually has a Victorian house neighbouring it wall to wall.

  2. junctioneer says:

    Maple Leaf Poultry is very important, good thanks for pointing it out, I missed it.

    The situation with St. Mary’s cement, is a question. Popping by looking for a image to capture some of the activity there has not been successful.

    …greatest challenge in the Junction, that mix of heavy industry and residential you are correct but also isn't it one of it's greatest strengths also? Without the industrial component the Junction loses so much.

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