Junction parents Blog SPRING EQUINOX idea

Over at the Junction Parents Blog this post details an idea for a spring equinox event at the Junction City Square.

Junction parents blog spring-equinox
Junction parents blog spring-equinox

This is an exceptional idea, The beauty of the idea is that that it creates a further grasp of how small groups can create a special places and memories as a adhoc team to enhance and build their community at street level for everyone. Hopefully efforts like this will radiate in the minds and actions of many more peiople in the community. The quality of the of the Junction has been it’s community actions – such as the doubling of the size of Vine Park during the 70’s to the un won but not lessened effort to save the CPR Station at Annette St and Dundas St.

Hopefully people are drawn to this creative, and alternative, idea to make it a big success.

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