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West Bend Community Association gets Councillor to provide an update on City plans and programs

TWBCA January Meeting:
Wednesday January 21, 2009 @ 7:00pm – Guest Speaker: Gord Perks
We have booked Councillor Perks to come and provide an update on City plans and programs. Bring your questions for the councillor.

Information about the West Bend RA.

TWBCA has been functioning for approximately 25 years, formerly under the name of the Dundas West Residents Association. It is recognized by the City of Toronto as a community organization and receives public notices of City initiatives affecting the area… from their site

Why isn't Junction Rd blocked off yet?

Big, fast  and efficient METROLINX IS NEW PROPONENT OF GEORGETOWN LINE  between Union Station and Pearson International Airport as of Dec 15th. Remember the Go Transit rail-to-rail grade separation passes thorough the Junction on Junction Rd and Weston Rd.

“I am excited that we are taking on this project – it is an important element of our Regional Transportation Plan. We will review the project and meet with people to get their views before we begin a transit environmental assessment process,” said Rob MacIsaac, Chair of Metrolinx.

Metrolinx is managing the EA portion of the project and GO Transit will provide expertise in rail service planning, in consultation with its transportation partners.

Metrolinx will present a revised project plan in the New Year, where communities opportunities to comment <– a word this blog does not like in this context, we would have liked to see the word input and further calls for community integration help.  In their favor though are the words of METROLINX chair in the quote above that provides a stronger sign that people concerns and views will be made use of.

METROLINX IS NEW PROPONENT OF GEORGETOWN LINE [their press release opens in new window]

This Blogs earlier post on the closing City staff ok’s temporary closing Old Weston Rd, at Junction Road

Metrolinx to fast-track airport link Toronto Star Article [opens in new window]

200 Annette St. Czechoslovak Baptist Church

A PRELIMINARY PROJECT REVIEW application has been taken out  for 200 Annette St. Czechoslovak Baptist Church, in an effort to to change the use to a Dance Studio with accessory uses from a place of worship.

data – City of Toronto

Link to the blogs originial post about the sale Czechoslovak Baptist Church for sale, what will happen?

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Toronto parking Auth. plan for new sign at 400 Keele St. Lot

With an American company named Allvision with a office in Mississauga, the City of Toronto is attempting  to understanding the value of existing and undeveloped outdoor advertising assets, to
advise and provide a city-wide strategic plan for the TPA’s aging outdoor advertisement
portfolio. The existing portfolio of signs were all built prior to amalgamation and are
located in 3 of the 4 new community council areas
. {city report}

Allvision remit was to update the overall aesthetics of the signage, they did this by solicited offers from qualified bidders to modernize and replace the existing portfolio of signs, the city report claims the result was a significant upgrade in terms of appearance and quality, which could be said to be true looking at the before and after images from the report.

The columns have been designed by internationally renowned designer Jeremy
Kramer (designer of new street furniture in Toronto).

This report provides supplemental information to the sign variance application presented by
Mr. Lorne Persiko,
Vice President, Real Estate & Development on behalf of the Toronto Parking Authority, for approval of variances for a newly designed Illuminated, Trivision Ground sign at 400 Keele Street.

STAFF REPORT INFORMATION ONLY Full report [opens in new window]

Picture Credit – City of Toronto Reports

THE COURTYARD HOUSE a laneway house in the Junction :-)

Picture credit Robert Jan. 2008

THE COURTYARD HOUSE in the Junction is hopefully an important progenitor house, which will found additional infill laneway housing and live-work in the Junction laneways . This a house , making full use of the lane, just look how the entryway pulls the lane in . It doesn’t “live” within the lane as many lane-way houses do in Toronto, rather it transforms the lane into a public activity space, all without destroying the essence of the lane.

Right now the poppytalk blog has some interesting interior shots of the house and further information about it THE COURTYARD HOUSE at poppytalk blog [opens in new window]

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Parkland Acquisition at 50 St. Joseph Street

Interesting info of how a park comes into being at a condominium development.

from the cities report, sections pasted together after redaction of general text –

50 St. Joseph Street. Through the development, the City will be obtaining a substantial amount of parkland equivalent to approximately 30% of the development site area. The parkland will be obtained through
three methods.
1)The developer is required to provide a statutory parkland dedication.
Another portion of parkland is being secured as a Section 37 contribution, through a….Acquisition sub-project, 50 St. Joseph Street, in the amount of $600,000.00, funded from
the Parkland Acquisition – Toronto Local Reserve Fund, (XR2053) to complete the
acquisition of parkland for the site.
Section 37 agreement. In addition the City will make a direct payment to the owner of the land in order to complete the proposed parkland acquisition

Funding the Parkland Acquisition at 50 St. Joseph Street Feb 08/Full report [opens in new window]

City of Toronto’s page for the project [opens in new window]

The chickens & bees in your back yard

The city of Cleveland’s  City Planning Commission is considering livestock ordinance to allow the keeping of/ tending chickens, goats, bees and livestock within the city proper.

Chickens are banned in Toronto because they are considered farm animals. Violators face a $240 fine. Of course many lots would not be suitable for this type of effort in Toronto, but many would. It would require well managed inspections by the city, and excellent behavior towards the neighbors concerns from those keeping the animals.
Creative Commons Licensecredit: Gabe Currie

The so-called “chickens and bees” ordinance would update existing zoning to allow up to six chickens (or ducks) on the typical residential lot, provided they’re located in a backyard and housed in predator-proof coops that are no closer than 10 feet

“In researching how other cities handle livestock, I found the more densely populated the city, the less restrictive they are toward chickens,” Klein says, citing New York and Chicago’s policy that chickens can be raised as ‘pets’ as long as they’re only providing eggs (not for slaughter). “Creating a law that’s restrictive when many (Clevelanders) are keeping chickens as pets will be a hardship, hard to enforce, and it won’t make our food system more secure. If chickens are innocuous, why not make it easier for Cleveland residents?”

draft of Cleveland’s livestock ordinance farm_animals_bees10-31 [link opens in new window]from Marc Lefkowitz  submission at GreenCityBlueLake blog

The Toronto Star had a well researched article in May of this year. {link – opens in new window}

Also here is a link to the Toronto chickens site, just about everything you need to know about the issue in Toronto. {link – opens in new window}

Sorauren Park & Park activities

Here are a couple of quick updates on Park activities and Fieldhouse news:

-the 3rd annual Carol Sing takes place Dec. 18 from 7-8 pm behind the Fieldhouse… see the notice below, all invited

-interested in getting a permit to use the Fieldhouse? Watch for news of public meetings in early January… Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation will explain permit policies and procedures

Wabash Building Society

New Community Arts Festival -Kiteworks-

from the Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents’ Association site [link opens in new window]

A New Community Arts Festival is being organized to debut in April 2009 Kiteworks

KiteWorks is an ad hoc, not-for-profit collective that believes art can work to build stronger communities and bring about meaningful social change! 
With your help, KiteWorks aims to coordinate an interdisciplinary community arts festival in Parkdale called KiteSite: Ronces-dale / Park-valles. The festival is scheduled for the first weekend of April 2009.

We believe that the ideas driving the festival must come from community members like all of you! 
We want to know what community issues you are passionate about. 
KiteSite is about listening and sharing stories, creating art and celebrating community. Over the winter months, KiteWorks will encourage community members to enter into collective learning environments where they will explore local history through arts-based activities. As such, KiteWorks is dedicated to art education. 
By looking critically at local history and community development, KiteWorks hopes to spark dialogue about local issues that resonate among Parkdale’s residents.This dialogue will then inform the creation of art works that speak to these issues. KiteWorks believes that our responsibility to local community and our immediate environment is directly linked to our sense of allegiance to place. 
By celebrating stories of local history and social justice, KiteWorks hopes to transform space into place, thus strengthening community in Ronces-dale /Park-valles.

Be Involved!
Be Inspired!

We are looking to grow! 
Be a member of KiteWorks! 
For more information, please contact us at:

Czechoslovak Baptist Church for sale, what will happen?



from the sales sheet – Development Opportunities

link to agents site about the sale [opens in new window]

The site offers an opportunity to convert the existing building to residential lofts or create traditional townhouses. Current zoning is R2 Z0.6 which permits places of worship, as well as a variety of residential building types including detached, semidetached, row housing, and apartments to a maximum of 0.6 times the lot area. The City of Toronto Official Plan designates the Property as ‘Neighbourhood’. The existing building is ‘Listed’ on the City of Toronto’s Inventory of Heritage Properties.

Czechoslovak Baptist Church  link to chrch web site in Czech