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Update: CPR has track crews repairing rails today

The derailment yesterday in the Junction, has damaged track that the CPR is repairing today [link to post with derailment images and details]

Keeping Phones on the Street

Phones in Espanola

photo credit: angelakneale

On Dec 1, a Notice of a Motion was presented by Ward 11 York-South Weston Councillor Nunziata, for Toronto City Councillors to endorse Provincial bill 118, prohibiting the use of devices with display screens and hand-held communication and entertainment devices while driving.  It’s good to see the dialogue between Municipal and Provincial, especially on such a no-brainer.  Recent studies have shown that even driving while using hands-free devices is unsafe.  Think about it: someone sitting beside you can help you anticipate possible hazards, and can stop the conversation when they see you need to concentrate.  Hooray for Councillor Nunziata and feel free to pass on the news that you don’t need a law to drive safely.

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Irvine Tissue – seeks to demolishWeston Rd plant building

The Etobicoke York Community Council has recommended approval of  the application to demolish the buildings at 1415 Weston Road pursuant to By-law No. 3102-95 of the former City of York subject to a beautification agreement containing a beautification plan to be entered into with the City and arrangements made to the satisfaction of the City Solicitor, for registration of the agreement.

also to  to remove any existing curb cuts

also to  submit to the Executive Director Technical Services for review and acceptance, a storm water management report and grading drawing showing how stormwater within the site is to be handled.

Why because of one great old bylaw… Under the City of York Act 1994 (Bill PR147), By-law No. 3102-95 was passed designating the entire area of the former City of York as an area of demolition control. The City of York Act, 1994 provides the authority for Council in the former City of York area to enact special demolition control legislation for the purpose of securing beautification measures on the lands and abutting municipal boulevards, where appropriate, as a condition of the issuance of demolition permits. The By-law is still in force and applies.

Looking at the great condition this company keeps it’s factory and site in, all this is probably right in line  with their corporate methods of running their business. It will be interesting to watch this happen throughout the process staff use  to prepare the agreement in consultation with the Ward Councillor and the owner.

1415 Weston Road – Demolition Approval full  COT Staff report [opens in new windows]

CPR Holiday Train Photo Essay

The CPR Holiday Train visited the junction area for the 1st time on Dec. 2nd 2008, Previously it had stopped at the distillery district in Toronto’s south east end. With efforts made by Councillor Sandercook the CPR bought the train up to the Junction.

All images provided by Lado Soudek

Tanker cars derail on CPR Tracks in the Junction

Without going near the occurrence it appears at least four tanker cars have derailed on the CPR Track north of Mc Murray Ave and Vine Parkette. The car pictured above is directly across from the parkette. The CPR quickly had crews working to contain the small fluid leak and upright the cars. It’s now 2:34 pm and they continue to work on the situation

Update 5pm CPR was running  two engines accoss the affected track, seemingly to test thier state, then the final crew members departed.  

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CPR's Holiday Train recap

“”Beautiful!” “Cool!”and “Brilliant!” were just some of the comments from the hundred and hundreds of spectators as the CPR’s Holiday Train

rolled into the old iron yard at 87 Ethel ave last night.  This is the tenth anniversary for the spectacularly lit train which is making its way through six of our provinces.  The goal is to raise food and money, as well as awareness for local food banks.  It is important to note that all donations collected in a community remain in that community for local distribution.
There was a collective “ahhhh” as the steel side of the middle car lowered to reveal none other than Old St.Nick crooning his heart out.  Move over Brian Johnson…Santa Clause has come to town!  Holiday spirit was high as Tracey Brown, Randall Prescott as well as other very talented musicians took to the stage and rocked the yard.  Toes were tapping, people danced and sang, children bobbed on adult shoulders, councillors handed out donuts (which were generously donated by Tim Hortons).
In short, a good time was had by all!  It was the perfect way to start the holiday season.
Thank you CP Rail for spreading the good cheer.  And thank you, councillor Saundercook.  It is my understanding that you were instrumental in bringing the train to the Junction.  Hopefully word of mouth will spread about this captivating show and we’ll see the crowd grow next year.
 hope that it becomes an annual event for our neighborhood. And how appropriate, given our history!!
Posted by Linda Clements
Junction Residents Association

The Village by High Park, Site prep for foundation – photo update

Photo Microsoft Live maps

The site this past summer.

They continue to introduce I beams into the ground to provide structure for a bearing wall which will hold back the surrounding earth when they dig the ground out for the foundation. To do this they took down more of the subway wall, hopefully they will not need to take down any more.

This machine was used quite a lot at the railroad side of the lot, it will be interesting to see how it’s used (if at all) on the Keele St side and the Gas station side of the lot.

for those who would like a current view of the progress.

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all photos taken by Lado Soudek (he is a professional photographer, that’s why his photos are so much better than mine – Robert

Typing “tiebacks” into the search box on this blog will bring up all the posts within this project that have to do with the ground prep work.

CPR Canadian Holiday Train Visits Junction

Tomorrow Today December 2  2008

The train which is traveling across the country will to raise food, money and awareness for local food banks. Bring your cash and food donations and support your local food bank.

Just remember these are very short stops being 30 minutes only
Tuesday, December 2

  • Junction stop Toronto – 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. – 87 Ethel Avenue, adjacent to RONA

    and if you cannot make that the closest next stop is

    Vaughan 9:00 to 9:30 p.m. – Northwest corner of CP Vaughan Intermodal Yard andNashville Road