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Junction Winter Carnival

Images from around 2: 45pm at the Junction City Square

Stroller mob parking at todays Winter carnival :-)

Stroller mob parking at todays Winter carnival ūüôā


horse pulled cart rides

The Village by High Park putting back some historical elements?

During past few weeks the Options for Homes development on Keele St.  just north of Dundas St. West,  has seen alot of activity, just none of it lending itself to interesting  images the told a story of progress. They have been working on the foundation area of their  1st  tower, as can be seen in the concrete form work in the 1st picture below.

Foundation forms

Foundation forms



But the real great and interesting item of note and the reason for this post today is that they appear to be replacing some of the stone they removed from the historic wall that ran along the side their lot on Keele St.  In the picture they may be  returning the wall into their lot, that is Р where the original wall ran along Keele St., they are replacing a section at a right angle for maybe 20 feet.

New wall from old?

New wall from old?

Many of the removed rocks sat in their lot for for some time this may be the reason.

Cutting Stone

Cutting Stone

Will return later today to try and figure it out

Winter carnival tomorrow at Junction City Square

At the Junction Train Station – Pacific Ave and Dundas St West 12 – 4 pm

Free refreshments, ice sculpture, ice skating. Heated tent,

cash bar, live band 7 – 11 pm.



A few links of interest …urban stuff

The Meltdown in Home Furnishings [New York Times Link]

this economic meltdown of the urban design industry started with the housing market, anything related to home got slammed first and worst, and that included home furnishings, ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†—-

Monarch crews twist at the Vibe [Daily Comerical news Link]

Monarch Corporation has completion of the Vibe development scheduled for May 2010, at Liberty Village condominium project in Toronto.

Designed by Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc., the 24-storey, 315-unit project includes a six-storey podium and ground-level retail space.(short story this is about it, but it has picture of a guy placing rebar)

BUDGET 2009 Home Renovation Tax Credit


Home repair  - for those mid and large - time

Home repair time - for those mid and large - repairs

Home Renovation Tax Credit offers small contractors and homeowners too.
Now and continuing until February 1, 2010, home …¬†includes ¬†condo owners too ¬†and cottage owners are eligible for the Home Renovation Tax Credit, which offers up to $1350 in tax credits for almost all labour and materials costs related to home renovation.
The program applies to projects worth a minimum of $1,000 and a maximum of $10,000. The maximum tax credit that can be received is $1,350. 
Here hosted on the junctioneer server is a excerpt from the budget that details the Home Renovation Tax Credit. Highlighted in yellow are the main points of program
David Pylyp   a local David Pylyp Sales Representative, RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc, who has a good realty information  blog that contains much more than the usuall stuff has a article on the tax credit. Friday he is interviewing a bathtub renovation company one minute video for upload to You Tube which will deal witha reno that definately qualifies for tax credit.  [Link Р opens in new window]
Note this blog, nor any of the authors of the blog has a business relationship with David, so you can be sure we provided the link simply based on his blogs countined contribution to the subject.

UPDATE ON HAND WELLS! …electricial manhole shocks

A handwell

A handwell

Within the span of three months two dogs where electrocuted when they stepped on metal plates at the base of hydro poles in the junction.

One incident took place in November and the other at the beginning of January. Both events took place on Keele street close to Annette.


Apparently water seeps into the hole covered by the metal plate and if the sheathing that normally covers the wires has separated (due to our ageing infrastructure,amoung other factors) it can complete a circuit between the subterranean devices and the metal plate above. It is my understanding that there are approximately 40,000 of these hand wells scattered throughout our city. Toronto Hydro inherited some of these hand wells from other utilities during amalgamation.


At last weeks meeting for the West Bend Residents Association, councillor Gord Perks addressed this issue.

Mr. Perks assured that residents that within a three month period, all hand wells will be tested by hand, starting with those in the Junction. Hydro will insulate all hand wells eventually and will be purchasing new equipment to do routine testing.


It is important to note that there is no danger to people. But it is my opinion that pet owners should still take precautions especially in wet conditions.Signs that your pet may be a victim are: excessive panting, trouble breathing, unconsciousness near the source of power, a burn across the area where the animal came in contact with the electricity, cardiac arrest.

If your animal shows any of these signs, a vet should be consulted immediately.

For information on how to give first aid to dogs suffering from electrical shock you can go and type first aid for dogs into the search bar.


It is heart breaking that someone has to lose a beloved pet in order to create an awareness for the rest of the public.

Our condolences go out to the owners and friends of Pierre and Mrak.

Posted By Linda C. Co -chair Junction RA

512 all stops to Scarlett Road

TTC plans to extend the St Clair Streetcar

TTC plans to extend the St Clair Streetcar

It’s¬†not breaking news to say the TTC plans to extend the St Clair Streetcar to intersect the planed LRT on Jane Street. However recently Council¬†and¬†the TTC have been in contact about accelerating the process¬†and¬†are seeking funding in the 2009 budget for an EA.


Recent increases in residential and retail developments in the Stockyards have stressed buses in the area.  This combined with the a large shopping centre development on Gunns Road is quickly turning this stretch of old industrial land into a big-box destination scattered with medium density housing.


Let’s¬†hope all goes well¬†and¬†we’re all stops to Scarlett in a few years.


Posted by Martin

Wise Daughters Craft Market opens Saturday

Wise Daughters Craft Market opens Saturday

Wise Daughters Craft Market opens Saturday {source Junction Parents Blog}

Junction Parents Blog has a item on the new craft store in the Junction

Smoking outlawed at Toronto playgrounds

Toronto has extended the prohibition to anywhere within nine metres of a city playground, splash pad or wading pool

from code amendment endorsing the ban….

proposed amendments to Municipal Code, Chapter 608, Parks will prohibit smoking in children’s recreational play areas and will be enforced by By-law Officers of the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division. Smoking should be prohibited within a 9-metre radius surrounding the edge of playground safety surfaces or any playground equipment in Toronto parks, within a 9-metre radius surrounding the edge of wading pool basins or safety surfaces of splash pads and within zoos and farms operated by Parks, Forestry and Recreation. This restriction is consistent with Ontario legislation that bans smoking within a 9-metre radius of entrances and exits of hospital buildings.

from the Toronto Star article today…

Officials confess it may be difficult to enforce, but Brenda Patterson, parks general manager, expects to be helped by community self-policing. Just as officers are not standing around looking for dogs off leash or illegal dumping, enforcement will occur if individuals call in a complaint, she said.

Parents and parks staff can simply ask a smoker to put out their cigarette. “Children who recognize it’s a no-smoking area will make comments themselves,” Patterson said.

The ban will go into effect when the province sets the fine amount. The city is hoping for a $305 fine.

The city will spend $16,000 for no-smoking signs in 833 playgrounds and elsewhere. It also plans a public education campaign.
Link to report presented to counsillors [opens in new window]


Asking Price $2,700,000 or cap rate of 6.8%

Asking Price $2,700,000 or cap rate of 6.8%



From the Listing…

The Property
The Property is comprised partially of a two storey plus lower level building plus a one storey addition containing a total of 26 attractive live and work units with high ceilings and impressive window coverage. The land area is approximately 23,217 square feet (0.533 acre) with frontage on Weston Road of 187 feet and an overall depth of approximately 124 feet. 

Official Plan
The¬†Current Official Plan¬†classifies the property within an area of “General Use Areas – Mix of Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Use” allowing for a mix of commercial, institutional, and industrial uses that will be environmentally compatible with adjacent and neighbouring uses. The¬†New Official Plan¬†classifies the area as “Neighbourhoods” which is simply for residential use, permitting amongst other uses walk-up apartments and existing uses to continue provided such a use was legal prior to the implementation of the Official Plan.¬†


Link to PDF listing [opens in new window]