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Motion to protect community groups and resident organizations from court costs

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Creative Commons License photo credit: I am I.A.M.Moved by Councillor Del Grande, seconded by Councillor Palacio a Member Motion that the City not request such litigation costs from community and resident public interest groups

The purpose of this motion is to ask the City not to request litigation awards of cost against community and resident public interest groups, when the two parties enter into disputes which are resolved in public tribunal

The motion is subject to referral to the Executive Committee. A two-thirds vote is required to waive referral.

[Link to motion at the city site] Full report [opens in new window]

[Link to motion at the junctioneer] Full report [opens in new window]

Community Meeting Bloor Dundas ‘Avenue’ Study tonight

Unusual and special event at WTJHS Feb 5th

Notice of Motion to require residents to have rear numbering of properties

All odd numbers
Creative Commons License photo credit: scissorhands33

Councillor Moscoe Moved  and Councillor Vaughan seconded that  all properties backing onto public or private laneways be required to post a municipal number at the rear of the property, in a manner that enables that property to be identified from the laneway.

Summary from city documents
The Toronto Municipal Code requires all homes and buildings in the City of Toronto to display a municipal number. The City is undertaking measures to ensure that there is universal conformity with this by-law. There is, however, no requirement to display a municipal number at the rear of a property. This
became a matter of concern during last year’s fire on Queen Street West, when firefighters often had difficulty identifying the properties from the rear laneways.

Link to full Member Motion Full report [opens in new window]

Junction Parents Blog has the link

Local:EARTH HOUR PLANNING MEETING: Tuesday, January 27th

Green 13 met on Tuesday January 6th to begin planning for Earth Hour ’09. There was much discussion on expanding public interest in Earth Hour, including organizing multiple events, providing forums to share information, and undertaking community initiatives that would extend beyond the one hour event.

Attendees at the meeting began to focus on the following specific ideas:

• A screening of  a film about climate change followed by a panel discussion at the Revue Theatre – MPP Cheri diNovo generously offered to help us organize this event.

• A town hall meeting in Swansea on the proposed expansion of nuclear energy in the province.

* Two Earth Hour candlelight walks – one along Bloor Street West and one along Dundas Street West in the heart of the Junction. With a possible community party/dance following the walks.

• Providing a tip sheet for “staying green” year round to Earth Hour walkers.

* There was also discussion on engaging schools and businesses in the community and participating in a family-orientated event in High Park.

So, clearly there is a lot of work to do!

Our next meeting is scheduled for 7 pm, Tuesday, January 27th, at West Toronto Baptist Church, 3049 Dundas Street West. The meeting location is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know if you are able to attend, or if you are part of a group, if a colleague will be able to attend. We are striving to make Earth Hour 2009 as inclusive and successful as possible, and we need your help to do it!  We hope to see you at the next meeting. If you have any questions, comments, and to RSVP please contact me via this e-mail ( ) or at 416-760-8557

Thank you!  Christopher Holcroft on behalf of Green 13

submitted by Rita Bijons on behalf of Green 13

Updated electrical code requires new homes to have tamper-resistant receptacles

Baby-proofing your homes electrical outlets routinely consists of  placing plastic covers or inserts  over or into your electric socket plug inlets. Now the new sections of the electrical  code require new homes to have tamper-resistant receptacles, designed to prevent children from inserting objects into receptacles.

Tamper-Resistant Receptacle closeup

Tamper-Resistant Receptacle closeup



Denyse Boxell of Safe Kids Canada says is this Canadian Press article [opens in new window] 

“The great thing is that finally we have some technology that’s actually passive – it doesn’t rely on the parent to actually make sure that there’s any covers in place,” 

However mandating that all receptacles to be installed in any residential home during new work or repair be tamper-resistant receptacles would be a greater and more complete solution for child safety.

How do they work?

Tamper-resistant receptacles have built-in shutter systems that prevent foreign objects from touching electrically live components when they’re inserted into the slots

For a detaled overview of the issue see  this link at Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) magazine [opens in new window]

The Village by High Park tower crane from Hook Ave.

The Village by High Park crane with building mass outylined in yellow

The Village by High Park crane with building mass outlined in yellow

The view along Hook Ave, will change greatly with the addition of the now being consrtucted Village by High Park 1st building.

In the image to the right is drawn in a yellow rectangle of approximate scale  to the new building.

People  buying units in this building on the east face will have some great views towards the central city.

Grappler hook collection on smaller streets in Juncton


Solid Waste Management Services is using or just testing grappler hook collection on smaller streets in Junction where no cars are permitted to park next to the sidewalk.

This morning a waste collection truck driver routed his truck west on Vine Ave and then south on Mc Murray Ave and unloaded the garbage bins by grappler hooks of about 1/4 of the Ave. This has left 3/4 of the houses for normal collection where a collector pulls the bin over to the truck.

CPR Junction track is one of the busiest corridors in CPR’s network

The CPR track Section traveling though the Junction is…

One of the most important / busiest corridor in CPR’s network
(70 – 90 train movements per day) [1. Clearway Construction Inc data presented at the American Public Works Association Congress/2008]