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Victoria Royce Presbyterian Church gets OMB approval

The parties - The community

The parties - The community

1st A reader updated us on the ONB reprt, thanks so much Hamish

It’s always good to bring your customers to your Ontario Municipal Board hearing, as they promote your project to the board. (OMb File link hosted junctioneer). Having sorted out a few problems with a few neighbors the person doing this project seems to on his way both with sales and approvals.

but the issue (from OMB report)… is public information and consultvictoria-lofts-inc-1victoria-lofts-inc-omb-22

Victoria-Royce Presbyterian Church
We’ll get back to this post Sat as we have been researching it and it’s taken away the time today and we need to check something before we post it.


Bloor West Village copied in Don Mills


National  Post has a story yesterday Cadillac Fairview (the owner of Sherway Gardens Mall) is opening a new retail mall named The Shops at Don Mills, a collection of standalone stores built along open-air streets.

Some of the shops… chef Mark McEwan’s first gourmet market, Ontario’s first McNally Robinson bookstore and Canada’s first Anthropologie store.

Its pedestrian-friendly streets will be lined with trees; shoppers can enjoy an outdoor, 7,134 sq. ft. skating rink, central square (something the Junction needs) with a fountain and a range of restaurants; there will be public art. Eventually, 1,300 high-rise residential units will be built on the site.

The results are more along the lines of Bloor West Village, where people walk from shop to shop outside,” said Anne Morash, vice-president of development for Cadillac Fairview. ‘‘We’ve built the Shops at Don Mills on a scale that’s very manageable — it’s a fraction of the size of what regional malls and big boxes typically are, so it’s efficient.’’

Read the complete post at

The Shops at Don Mills, website

…interested in municipal history or development you have to see this….

….Here is terrific link to an animated history of the block of land click!

here is the same timeline above with a modified link to have the time open in  a larger format without the rest of the normal surounding page

Ontario Municipal Board cites Junction as something of an anomaly in Toronto


Text excerpt from the Ontario Municipal Board 6 Lloyd Ave report

yea, the Ontario Municipal Board has a good understanding of the Junction is all about, this opinion [1.]  (regarding the old Benjamin Moore plant lands condo development) can be applied to Vine Ave, The Dundas St. West and Jane area, Ryding Ave, Gunns Rd. and  more and with the city of Toronto’s want to keep employment uses on historical employment lands companies such as National Rubber Technologies, Corp. (NRT) and Canada Bread.

Yet there remains a problem, the provincial and municipal governments have failed to tackle the issue of co existence of industry and residential is close proximity. If people can buy houses in industrial communities , where the industry is maintaining adherence to all bylaws, rules and  environmental laws, and then attempt to close the industrial plants, we will lose the integrated nature of the city, which the city owes much of it’s life too.

Take a look at the NRT fact sheet below and see how green this company is, in it’s efforts to work with the problem of used tires, which they convert into long lasting new products.

NRT Fact sheet form the companies site

If you examine the ownership structure of NRT, you can see a well interconnected group of companies, with the financial strength to maintain their plant in the Junction well, causing it to adhere to all codes, and remain here for some time.

Kinder Hook Industries (NY State)  -> KN Rubber – >Koneta, Inc (Wapakoneta, Ohio) <-> National Rubber Technologies, Corp.(Toronto) (previously NRI Industries)

Activities Toronto’s 175th Anniversary


Photo from Councillor Sandercook's office window

March 6 2009 the city of Toronto has planned a bunch of activities Toronto’s 175th Anniversary

from the cities site:

To mark Toronto’s 175th Anniversary on March 6, 2009, City Hall will open its doors and invite residents in to celebrate the heritage, unity and diversity of our city through music, literature and art.

City Hall will be transformed into an exhibition hall featuring art installations, spoken word, dance and music. Special programming will also commemorate the City’s early history.

City site links to areas of interest below

Friday, March 6, 12 to 9 p.m.

blue bullet Visual Art
blue bullet Literary
blue bullet Book Launch – Toronto’s Visual Legacy
blue bullet Theatre
blue bullet Film
blue bullet Music
blue bullet Kids and Families
blue bullet Activities on Nathan Phillips Square

Reuse equipment and materials removal — Bunge post 6 – 30 Weston Rd, Trinity Development

Bunge post 5 - 30 Weston Rd Priestly Demolition sells off equipment and materials

Priestly Demolition sells off equipment and materials from 30 Weston Rd

Priestly Demolition sells off equipment and materials from the the 30 Weston Rd. plant for reuse, very green. Yet saddness when just a litle more of the stockyards moves away, in this case to Bolton, Ontario.

How beautiful can a west end park be, Runnymede Park


Runnymede Park, a medium-sized park just north of the railway tracks off of Cobalt Avenue just to the west  of George Bell Arena early Feb 11 2009.

Development Application Status website …just a little info offered for now.

screenshot of the selection screen,  for Development Projects or individual Planning Applications by Ward, District, Address and Application Number back to January 1, 2006

Screenshot of the selection screen, for Development Projects or individual Planning Applications by Ward, District, Address and Application Number back to January 1, 2006

The city also launched a new Development Application Status website, allowing Internet access  information on active development projects and planning applications.  This is a great step, people can find out about development projects occurring but for detailed information the city planner will have to contacted. (with information provided on the site) The public and development industry, will have access to the same information, such  as project data, approval process status, public consultation dates and the planning personal contact info.

The  second phase of the site …which brings the project into real usefulness for community groups and residents   …will allow users to search applications and developments using dynamic maps. This is needed right now to allow community involvement in the planning process hopefully the city is allowing overtime to accomplish this.

“This will be a useful tool for residents and the development industry,” says Wright. [1. quote from Daily Commercial News article

Access page to search [opens in new window]

Junction Business Improvement Area (JBIA) Job Docket #1

Replacement pole for car damaged black historial period pole, it should go? ..and be replaced with another balck pole?

Replacement pole for a car damaged black historical period pole at Dundas St. West and Keele St. Should it go? ...and be replaced with another black pole?

The Junction BIA (Junction Business Improvement Area) really worked to get the black lamp poles on Dundas St. West thought out the Junction. It was a great idea and a job well done.

They also like to protect the poles from various actions such as tagging (good) and postering (not so good) [1. If people who placed the posters came back and removed them  – as they are supposed to do , maybe the JBIA would be more understanding.] you all allowed to post community posters on the posts, if you adhere to the city postering bylaw [2.]. But out of respect for JBIA, try not too, unless of course it’s an issue of  great importance to the community.

Now one of those black poles which was damaged in a fight with a car, and has been replaced with a standard galvanized pole.  Is the BIA on top of getting it fixed, we hope so.

If anyone from the BIA reads this post the blog would really like to know what is happening with this issue.

Toronto moves to expedite approvals for office and industrial projects

Metal Plant
Creative Commons License photo credit: Karsten W. Rohrbach
Daily Commercial news reports..
Toronto Mayor David Miller has announced that the city will launch the Gold Star Service program, designed to facilitate municipal approvals for strategic industrial and office developments.

While the previous service assigned case workers to help shepherd large projects through the approvals process, the new program will offer the same enhanced service to any industrial, commercial office and institutional (ICI) project that offers to create long-term jobs.

The program is currently working on 10 projects worth $2.3 billion in investment, and designed to retain or generate 20,000 jobs. Three additional projects are anticipated in 2009.

While Wright predicts that applications will decline through 2009, once current projects have cleared he says he sees an opportunity to focus on delivering projects of greater quality.

Daily Commercial News Full report [opens in new window]