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Schools and Parks
Schools and Parks IMAGE use link below to attend actual map

Over at the JunctionRA’s wiki on the Schools and Parks page there is now a map showing all the schools and parks in the community

(created by Eleanor)

Eleanor’s notes to the map

Here is a map of the schools and parks in our area.  You can refer to the list below the map, or click on any marker to see its name and other information.  Although many of the schools are not in the Junction proper, their catchment areas include some Junction addresses.



I just followed the link – having not seen the Junction wiki before, let me say that it looks like a great project. I can't find anything on it which seems to allow me to register, but I noticed on the history page you're seeking information on the "first train station." I'm not sure which one you mean as there were several. I suggest consulting the West Toronto Junction Historical Society (they're having their monthly meething this Thursday), as they have many photos and sources for the area's various stations. As a primer, you can see the various locations of the CPR "West Toronto" station at this link: http://www.trainweb.org/oldtimetrains/CPR_Toronto/stns/westtoronto.htm

They missed various parks and one school. But it seems impossible to register on that site, and I can't even find a "contact" link. The site needs some work.

Also, what a shame we lost that station. CPR demolished it illegally.

Yea there is no way to register at that site, but if you can post a comment with the missed items…I am sure the person who made the map will add them. It would be very helpful, thanks

The loss of the CPR station at Annette & Dupont (assuming you mean the most recent one) was indeed a dark day; the last CN station didn't fare much better.

I'm not sure what you want the boundaries on that map to be, but here are some potential omissions.

In terms of schools, Keele Public is the most conspicuous absence; I believe the building also still houses Mountview Alternative. The Annette Public School building also houses High Park Alternative. Also missing is King George Public.

Given that Western Tech & Ursula Franklin are considered different schools (although in the same building), it should be noted that The Student School is in the same facility. I'm assuming the map doesn't want to go southeast enough to find Bishop Marocco/Thomas Merton.

In terms of parks, I'm assuming Runnymede & Lithuania aren't indicated because they're plainly visible in the map's background. The most obvious omission is Ravina Gardens. The Beresford Park lands are also worthy of note, however, and you could also include the parkspaces along Bloor (George Chater, Neil McLellan, Kennedy). Oakmount Park is also missing, as is Baird Park.

Given the spirit of the map, indicating the Annette Recreation Centre would also seem to be applicable, perhaps under its own category.

It should go up to around St. Clair, an area, which for some reason is now excluded from the Junction in many persons' minds for some reason, but is part of the historical boundaries of the Junction. I'm sure George Bell Arena is of interest to many Junction families, as are the large soccer fields of Runnymede Park.

Maple Clair Park near St. Clair and Gunns Road is also missing. Kids who play there go to the same schools on the map, so that might be of interest to Junction parents.

I doesn't look like the site's mandate is to cover the area north to St. Clair (historically, the boundary goes as far north as Rowntree), nor are they going to the eastern boundary of the CN tracks (which would include Carlton Village school and all the parks nearby).

Of course both now and historically, boundaries are freely and frequently crossed, and it's difficult to have to draw boundaries and define "the Junction." I'm all for embracing the 1909 boundary line, however, and reclaiming some of the lands which other neighbourhoods have attempted to claim for themselves!

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