Bunge post 4 – 30 Weston Rd Trinity Development Working Group – Session #2

30 Weston Rd site  St Clair West side. Photo taken January 11 2009
30 Weston Rd site St Clair West side. Photo taken January 11 2009

Trinity Development Working Group – Session #2 [1. This is a group composed of various residents city people and the developer to work towards the communities interest in the development]

A lot has changed on this 22 acre development since we first heard about it last summer.   The early plans laid out a standard suburb style big-box ring around the parking lot design.

But last week as the demolition signs stood guard around the perimeter,  the developers sat down with Councillor Nunziata, local business owners, city planers and citizens to review this 53,000 sq metre project.

I joined the table on behalf of the Junction Residents Association and was quickly given a set of plans including a dozen renders and asked to comment. (Unfortunately the plans are copy written so we can’t post them online but we’ll have them at our next JRA meeting).

Brad Caco of the Trinity Development Group began the night by stepping the group through changes to the design which arose from community concerns.  The previous big-box ring has been scaled down and turned inside out.  The shopping centre now has two multi-storey parking garages at its centre with crossing entrance streets meeting the middle of the site at a traffic circle surrounding a water feature.

Many of the shops now front onto St. Clair and Weston.  The corner of St. Clair/ Gunns for example will have an entrance and store windows fronting both streets.   Other shops have been added along the Weston entrance in what Brad Caco describes as a small town main street feel.

A few pedestrian only courtyards have also been added but I and few others including Edna Cuvin (Urban Designer, City Planning) pushed for a larger public space.  Converting the Weston entrance into a wide and long open area would be a great asset and create a place for the community to meet.  Unfortunately meeting doesn’t always lead to shopping so I’m sure this idea will be overlooked

Elisabeth Sissakis (Economic Development Officer) was happy with development and had only praise from the surrounding businesses.  She mentioned she would like the see more non-retail employment and the developers are looking to add a medical centre but so far tenants are hard to find.

Antonella Nicaso (Parks & Recreation Planner) gave a presentation on possible improvements to Viella Tarragona Park (west of Gunns Rd and north of the streetcar loop) which may be required under the 2% parkland clause and paid for in part with Section 37 funds.  Details on this design will be the focus of a future post.

Moving forward Al Smithies of Transportation Planning needs to complete the necessary traffic assessments and report back to the developers.

The next review meeting is in 2 to 4 weeks.

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