Junction Business Improvement Area (JBIA) Job Docket #1

Replacement pole for car damaged black historial period pole, it should go? ..and be replaced with another balck pole?
Replacement pole for a car damaged black historical period pole at Dundas St. West and Keele St. Should it go? ...and be replaced with another black pole?

The Junction BIA (Junction Business Improvement Area) really worked to get the black lamp poles on Dundas St. West thought out the Junction. It was a great idea and a job well done.

They also like to protect the poles from various actions such as tagging (good) and postering (not so good) [1. If people who placed the posters came back and removed them  – as they are supposed to do , maybe the JBIA would be more understanding.] you all allowed to post community posters on the posts, if you adhere to the city postering bylaw [2. http://www.toronto.ca/licensing/pdf/chpt313.pdf]. But out of respect for JBIA, try not too, unless of course it’s an issue of  great importance to the community.

Now one of those black poles which was damaged in a fight with a car, and has been replaced with a standard galvanized pole.  Is the BIA on top of getting it fixed, we hope so.

If anyone from the BIA reads this post the blog would really like to know what is happening with this issue.


Yes, the black poles should be replaced. What kind of precedent is that? Accidents happen every year and poles will have to be replaced with ones that match those in the streetscape.

Unfortunately, Toronto is horrible at such things. It's a hundred years later, and only a tiny minority of streets have buried wires. In some areas, different types of street lights are randomly used, while at say Runnymede and Annette, one observes wooden poles and redundant metal pole right beside each other. When it comes to poles, it always seems to be a cheapout, and one would hope that at least the BIA could do something right.

Sorry about the rant.

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