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GO, Metrolinx merger

Go  …..squish….. Metrolinx  = what ?

The Ontario government plans to merge the rapid transit system with the agency. A Mr. Prichard, formerly of the  Torstar corporation until last month, has been named transition adviser for the merger. He will become chief executive officer of the new entity once the merger is complete.

Link to Globe & Mail story below

Link -Former Torstar CEO to oversee GO, Metrolinx merger

The Toronto Star is reporting also link

(Toronto Star article noted by blog commenter Charles K as this post was being written)

from the province’s site…  a quote from the press release…

“Metrolinx has done an excellent job building the agency and preparing a regional transportation plan. By bringing Metrolinx together with experienced transit-builder GO, we will be able to take transportation plans off the drawing board and into service more quickly.”

– Jim Bradley
Minister of Transportation

Carleton Village Residents Association and 11 Division Relocation update


Important public meeting where you can help save some  community heritage and have let your views be heard on the 11 Police Division Relocation.

Where: Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre, 1900 Davenport Rd. …meet in the Sanctuary.

When:  & Time: Tuesday, 31 March 2009, at 7:00pm”

This is an update from the  Heritage Advisory Group met on Friday, March 27th. Representatives from the Toronto Police Services, City of Toronto Community Planning and Urban Design, Stantec Inc., and E.R.A. Architects, as well as two designated community representatives were in attendance.

Three possible design drafts were presented at this meeting by the architect of record, Stantec Inc. No affirmative decision has yet been made, however, plans have to be submitted to the Chief of Police by the end of April, so time is of the essence.
The Carleton Village Residents Association is holding its bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 31st, 7pm at the Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre, 1900 Davenport to discuss this before submitting our proposal to Stantec Inc. and the T.P.S. Architects from Stantec Inc. will be in attendance to assist in clarifying the options.
We need to have a healthy turnout for this meeting as a message to the T.P.S. and the architects, the importance this heritage building and the green space around it is to the community so we encourage residents from both sides of the tracks to attend. This is another critical turning point in the planning process that we as a community can help determine the outcome.
It’s through the efforts and determination of the CVRA and this community that has allowed us to get this far as the T.P.S. are in no way obligated to preserve any of the original building or any of the green space on the property.
Please show your support by coming out on Tuesday night and bring friends and neighbours. We look forward to seeing you there!

Sent by Elizabeth S.

…and an invitation from president of the Carleton Village Residents Association

“This is a reminder of our bimonthly meeting and an urgent invitation to attend it. The fate of the Carleton Village Public School may be determined at that meeting.

You already know that City Council has given the Toronto Police Services the power to demolish this historic building. Nonetheless, and perhaps influenced by the big turnout at the 27 January meeting with the Police, the TPS have expressed a willingness to try to conserve as much of the building as possible, provided they are convinced that the community is massively in favour of saving it.

On Tuesday, 31 March, the architects retained by the TPS will attend our meeting and present a variety of proposals ranging from the total preservation of the older part of the school to its complete demolition.

This meeting will be crucial. An impressive attendance, like the one in January and still more, will show the architects and the Police our determination regarding the preservation of our school.


Location: Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre, 1900 Davenport Rd. We will  meet in the Sanctuary.

Time: Tuesday, 31 March 2009, at 7:00pm”

old Mcbrides store lot has drilling rig arrive today

On old Mcbrides store lot at 2789 Dundas Street West where nothing much has been happening —- a drilling rig on site today.

(March 30 2009)


West Toronto Diamond project -news coverage continues


Breakfast Television a morning program on City TV attended the West Toronto Diamond project construction site this morning and parked there vehicles and a camera behind 18 Hook Ave broadcasting to the entire city the noise and vibration, and making quite a show of it.

On the hookavepiledrivers  {archives link} discussion list members are reporting some of the issues.

1.  This is much beyond normal construction noise.  The noise has been measured by residents at 104 decibels.

2.  The noise is only half the story — it’s the vibration which is impossible to live with.

3.  There are other construction methods which do NOT result in this much noise and vibration.  We have asked GO to consider them but nothing is happening.

New Bloor West Delectable Locale

Bloor West Village has a new bakery that will tempt your willpower, creativity, and caloric intake.  The concept of self customized cookies follows the hot New York City trend of marble slab ice cream shops where you can choose the “mix in’s” of your choice to be mashed into your icy treat.

At Sweet Flour, you choose your cookie base and then pick from the 20 items offered to make it your own special treat, your cookie is rapidly baked and then voila your eclectic cookie is ready to eat!

This newer concept shop will nicely compliment the pleothera of bakeries currently in Bloor West Village.


Junction Earth Hour Walk Draws 70 to 200. Reports vary.


Lantern Making

Lantern Making

Spirits were high at the BMO parking lot last night from 6pm until 8:30pm when the Earth Hour walk began, ending at around 9:15pm.  Thanks to residents who brought their own cans, we were only about 5 short for people who actually wanted to make one.  Thanks to Agora Cafe who showed up with Fair Trade Organic Hot Chocolate and baked goodies.  Sorry to the gentleman who cut his finger and didn’t know how. 

Kids, adults and the elderly formed a line that at one point stretched from Big Daddy’s DVD Shop to Pacific Avenue, with few gaps in between.  The route took us East on the south side of Dundas to Indian Road, across the crosswalk and West again on the North side of Dundas, crossing at the St. John’s intersection for a regroup in front of a dark Councillor Saundercook’s office (he was later spotted walking and running in the Bloor West walk).  Then, we walked down St. John’s to Runnymede, south to the crosswalk south of Annette where we

Janet Speaks to Crowd

Janet Speaks to Crowd

regrouped again to enter the Runnymede United Church en masse.  It was a pleasure to see the people in Curry Twist and the Friendly Thai and Axis eating and listening to live music  by candlelight, and seeing all the dark houses along St. John’s and Runnymede.  Shame on Shox for keeping its lights on, though it was good to watch some of the game on one of its 20 TVs as we walked by, and sorry to the businesses that turned out their lights that I haven’t mentioned.



Cheri DiNovo Canvas bags, some food I didn’t eat and can’t comment on, and delicious chocolates from Delight were handed out at the church where the three walks converged.  Chris Holcroft of Green 13 should be commended for taking the lead in organizing the walks, and I’m sure he has many people to thank himself – maybe on Green 13’s Blog.  Janet McKay, Green committe for the JRA, and Rita Bijons of Green 13, spear-headed the Junction walk and the BIA was there unnofficially since it’s not allowed to participate in political events, which Cheri DiNovo’s and Gerard Kennedy’s presence at the reception caused it to be.

The Junction should darn well be proud of its turn-out.  I thought, m’self, that it were’s about 70 – 100 people, while others swear it were upwards of 200.  I’m a poor judge of crowd numberin’, so I’ll err on the high side. 

P.S. Please provide your opinion on the vernacular in the last paragraph and whether it should be a Junctioneer standard.

Rally Draws CBC, The Villager, and Residents, but Go keeps its distance


Photo Credit, Lado Soudek atelierone(at)

About 30 people (as well as police and a VIA Train and Go Train Truck who were parked in the distance) showed up to the rally in protest of the constant pile-driving that’s been taking place from morning to afternoon, and causing many headaches in the Keele/Dundas area.  MPP Cheri DiNovo (speaking to the crowd) had spoken to Go Transit and, at their request, arranged a meeting with her and five representative members of the community to discuss the issue.  Ms DiNovo didn’t say who those members were, but Go Transit didn’t show up, anyway.  Though, when she then contacted the media and resident Jon Brooks and others made numerous phone calls and distributed flyers, and the CBC began reporting on the issue hourly, broadcasting the repetitive, deafening pounding, Go Transit requested another meeting with Ms. DiNovo.  But, she said, she decided it was too late for that, and she called this rally on Hook Avenue, in the foreground of the machinery in question.  Granted, Go Transit had arranged for the pile-drivers to stop by then, but that didn’t stop these concerned residents and MP Gerard Kennedy (to DiNovo’s left) from showing up.  The next step?  Mr. Kennedy stated that the Canadian Transit Authority has rules about the amount of noise that can be made, and thanks to the fact that local residents put complaints on the record at least 60 days prior, he’s going to pursue that avenue, after seeing how another meeting went today.  Also, there are conflicting reports about whether new-technology, quiter equipment was available for use by Go Transit.

So, the pile-driving was stopped for a few hours around the rally, and residents at this rally were left with a promise from the attending politicians that they would not let the issue rest.  They now have the weekend to ponder whether Monday will bring back what Jon Brooks described as “Chinese Water Torture”.

CBC Article

Globe and Mail article link

Toronto Star Link as provide by David in the comment section of this post , Thanks David

Crema Coffee Co. patio approved!

Crema Coffee Co. patio approved!

the moment of crema creation
Creative Commons License photo credit: EssG

The Etobicoke York Community Council approved the application for a boulevard café on the corner of Quebec and Dundas.

This 35 sq. m patio is a great addition to the Junction and I want to thank the council for supporting good development.

History of The Junction Arts Festival

Sigrid Keunen & Julie Haas from Belgium perform the premiere of In This Case at the annual Junction Arts Festival in Toronto, Canada. Photo by jbach via flickr

Sigrid Keunen & Julie Haas from Belgium perform the premiere of 'In This Case' at the annual Junction Arts Festival in Toronto, Canada. Photo by jbach via flickr

In 1994, Piera Pugliese of Vesuvio’s and Pat Schnurr of Picture It Framed got together at a BIA meeting and asked the Executive and the Directors to have an art show as an event to celebrate both the Junction Gardens Fall Festival and the annual City of Toronto Arts Week. They titled the artshow “ Caffe Latte”. It was a preview of the Ontario College of Art students who, as part of their studies, completed a year in Florence, Italy painting. This Festival/Art Show continued to grow by expanding additional shows into local BIA businesses. The consistent growth in attendance encouraged the street closure in the year 2000 ready to present a variety ofadditional art forms including dance, music, theatrical and performance art.The streets were lined with arts related vendors and the dream of sidewalk cafes fulfilled. The Junction Arts Festival (JAF) asit became known was the property of the Junction BIA until JAF incorporated as not-for-profit arts body known as The Junction Forum for Art and Culture (JFAC) on February 24, 2004. As such JFAC became a not-for- profit autonomous body at arm’s length of the BIA to ensure that JFAC could obtain funding through grants and sponsorship not necessarily available to a BIA. It was always the intention of the BIA to remain significantly involved with the Junction Arts Festival through representation on the Board of Directors of JFAC. The BIA will continue to provide monetary support to the Festival in theform of sponsorship. The Junction Arts Festival has created great success and elevated the profile of the area all of these years. It has grown, dramatically, now an eventthat in 2008 attracted 200,000 persons, collected $155,000 in government funding additional $70,000 in sponsorship not to mention another $100,000 in-kind donations. It is in our best interest to continue this unique arrangement between Business and the Arts to promote The Junction as one of the most exciting and creative destinations in Toronto. To perpetuate the momentum of the Junction Arts Festival mutual cooperation between BIA and JFAC is essential!


reprinted from Junction BIA Digest – article by Pat Schnurr Picture it Framed

Rally for noise and shutter happening with the West Toronto Diamond construction

Rally will be located outside of  18 Hook Ave. on Friday March 27th at 3pm (today)

The West Toronto Diamond GO Transit expansion construction noise and vibration levels are affecting the residents along the construction path of the work, which is on railway land. In some cases to distraction and worry.

The work currently stretches over 3 a three block area from Dundas St West. and Annette St.  and  is heading West towards Junction Rd. The residents are protesting  the construction noise and vibration levels as well as GO Transit’s failure to deal with them in a reasonable manner in their view. This probably is not GO Transit’s view, but you can  attend tomorrow and see for yourself.

The drivers at Junction Rd and Old Weston Rd Today

The drivers at Junction Rd and Old Weston Rd Today


It is important to note that this is the 1st phase of the construction process in this project and there at least 5 more, work  currently  involves the driving of the PT piles, after which another contractor will remove the soil from within the two lines of piles. Then others.

Local elected persons, Cheri DiNovo, (Ontario) MPP for Parkdale-High Park and city Councillor Gord Perks (Toronto) will attend and Gerard Kennedy has been invited.  Remember community strength is with community residents who participate, and Cheri Di’Novo, Gord Perks  and Gerard Kennedy need to see how concerned the community is about this issue – so your feet on the pavement will help a lot.

Please see the related posts below for further technical information on the project.

Google map  link to 18 Hook Ave