Toronto’s Zig-Zagging Dufferin Street Ready for Realignment

Review of article by Ian Harvey of Daily Commercial News

February 26, 2009

The $32-million realignment of Dufferin Street in Toronto’s west end will see the use of a cast-in-place concrete tunnel serving four lanes of north-south traffic.

This will be a welcome improvement for this West Toronto neighbourhood, and to anyone who has had to navigate the mini-labrynth to get back onto Dufferin Street after hitting Queen Street from the south or Peel from the north.  Executing the project will be delicate, as CN rail traffic must continue through the raising and subsequent lowering of the existing train bridge, and black-out periods of construction will need to accommodate CNE event traffic.
But, when it’s all done, local residential traffic will be relaxed, sidewalk and bikelanes will be accommodated and relandscaping will be done at the south entrance to the tunnel.  Other benefits include cleaner air, less noise and less fuel consumption due to the mitigation of idling.
Completion is scheduled for December 2009.  A long time coming, as the original diversion of Dufferin happened in 1884, while its elimination has been planned since 1966.
If you live in the area, make sure your voice is heard.  You can contact the city @ for more information.  A committee is currently selecting art for the tunnel.

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