Junction Business Improvement Area board whats new

The Junction BIA (Business Improvement Area) has elected a new and vibrant board. The last meeting of the Junction BIA saw election held for Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.

elected were Emanuel Calleja as chair Emanuel operates Old Fashioned Restoration Colleen Johnston  as Vice Chair  Colleen is a principal partner in the Academy of Realist Art School. Pat Schnurr as Secretary operates Picture it Framed, and Pascal Abboud remains as Treasurer

new members Vojia Jurisic  of Dunads St Marketing and Printing Simon Harry BMO Investment Advisor

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  1. JResident


  2. Danielle Harmond

    What are they waiting for to fix it?!!..Procrastination?

  3. JResident

    @Danielle Harmond – to fix what? I don't get your drift

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