Contaminated Cadet cleaners plant – a new plan? 290 Old Weston Road




The old  contaminated Cadet cleaners plant still sits in it’s half demolished  state.

Boarded up by city workers last summer.   Now Councillor Palacio, has tabled  motion to have the city consider an Affordable Housing plan for the building and or it’s lot. From his motion…

SUMMARY: 290 Old Weston Road is a vacant, derelict property in Ward 17 located near Keele Street and St. Clair Avenue West. It was formerly owned and operated by Cadet Cleaners. The property has some contamination and a certificate of tax arrears issued by the City. The City-initiated tax sale in 2008 failed to garner any eligible bids for the property. City staff are currently considering their options for the future use of this property.

There is an urgent need for quality housing projects in Toronto’s west end, and this location seems; ideally suited to create affordable housing. Similar initiatives have been undertaken to convert derelict buildings mto housing including 1495 Queen Street West.


1) The Deputy City Manager report to the next meeting of the Affordable Housing Committee as to the feasibility of converting 290 Old Weston Road to Affordable Housmg. January, 2009


inside the plant

Assessment Roll No. 1904-03-2-150-02310) is a commercial property, approximately 1.88 acres in area,  The property backs onto the Canadian National Railway (CN) tracks. The property is currently vacant and has been vacant for since approximately May 2003

It was used as a dry cleaning facility prior to becoming vacant – Cadet Cleaners at the assessed address since 1996 according to City records.  Prior to 1996, the property was occupied and used by Ronson Metal Works – a metal works fabricator. Given its current and previous uses, it is presumed that the land is environmentally contaminated.

At one time this lot as the home of  Albert Kerr Co.Ltd. (hides) 290 (Old) Weston Rd. (information from Old Time Trains website)

a pit
a pit in side the plant


I guess I don't understand why anyone would say that a contaminated site is "ideally suited" for development into affordable housing.

It is not, but it is possible to clean it up to such a state, the old plant factory grounds on Lloyd Ave have just had this done. A clean up to residential standards in much greater then what is required for industrial purposes.
So if this happens the community is much better off.

Although I agree that affordable housing is needed in the City of Toronto, I think that this area has it's share and new development should be to bring higher income into the depressed nieghbourhood.

This building would be the perfect "Artist Loft type condo building that it was slated to be by previous developers"

The City should be helping development by giving "brownfield" tax credits to developers much like Hamilton ()/brownfieldseraseprogram.asp) does, and if need be assist in the cleanup. These old warehouse buildings, once developed, will pay back the initial investment to the city through the unit owner's taxes.


The neighbourhood already has so much affordable housing. I disagree with adding more here; it's the ghettoization of the poor.

I worked there back in 1978 for a few months! It was very unsafe I do remember. I was placed into a store in Brampton after I raised questions abou safety.i

I worked there back in 1978 for a few months! It was very unsafe I do remember. I was placed into a store in Brampton after I raised questions about safety.

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