Crema Coffee Co. patio appeal tomorrow before council

Creative Commons License photo credit: lincolnblues

Appeal of Polling Results for a Boulevard Café Permit Application for Crema Coffee Co.
Located at 3079 Dundas Street West, Quebec Avenue Flankage.

city staff report…

Municipal Licensing and Standards recommends:
1. That the Etobicoke York Community Council deny the application for the proposed
boulevard café at 3079 Dundas Street West; OR
2. That the Etobicoke York Community Council approve the application for the
proposed boulevard café at 3079 Dundas Street West.

As the proposed café flanks a residential district, the former City of Toronto Municipal
Code Chapter 313 requires a public poll of owners and tenants within 120 metres of the proposed café.
A poll dated November 12, 2008, with the last date for filing a response being December 11, 2008, was conducted by the City Clerks Office, Elections and Registry Services for the Quebec Avenue flankage, in English, between the premises 428-466 Quebec Avenue, 417A-437 Quebec Avenue , and also 3079, 3081 and 3077 Dundas Street West to determine neighbourhood support. The results of the poll received from Elections and Registry Services indicate that the response to the poll did not meet the provisions of Municipal Code Chapter 190, Section 190-8A which states: that a poll will be considered valid when at least 25% of the ballots mailed have been returned. This poll did not meet the benchmark and therefore is invalid.

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  1. Yeah…the patio got approved today!

  2. Excellent news! This should really help not only the south side of the street, but also attract new businesses to the empty storefronts at that intersection.

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