195 & 203 Oakmount Road, 200 Keele Street

Commenter Brandy posted this comment today about the 200 Keele St. development., good thing she did because we forgot to post the info we have about it thanks.

…here is Brandy’s comment 

This is to let people know there is a community consultation meeting this evening, Thursday, April 2, 2009 at 7pm in the cafeteria at Humberside HS, regarding the development proposal to build condos at 200 Keele (n/w corner Glenlake & Keele) as well as the backyard slope and ravine lands of 203 and 195 Oakmount Roads. Any and all interest and attendance of community is important. The developer, their lawyer, their agent, Councillor Saundercook, as well as City staff are all expected to be present. 


…and here is the info the blog had and forgot to post sorry!

Information provided by city planning re the format of the meeting.

There is no formal agenda for the meeting, however it will generally follow our usual format being:


Welcome by Councillor

Planner to provide brief outline of Planning/application process

Applicant to provide detailed presentation of proposal

Open Q&A/comment period.

the notice is PDF format   200-keele-st-ccm-notice-april-2nd


I'm certainly concerned about what impact this development will have on the current parkspace, especially the topography of the area. Unfortunately, this meeting is being held opposite the Historical Society's AGM, and as a result I know many interested people in the community won't be able to attend it. I wish to extend my regrets, and if anyone is keeping minutes or taking notes at this meeting, I'd very much like to know what happens.

Yes, I would also be very interested in seeing a post about the results of this meeting! I had no heard about it beforehand. Looking at the aerial photo from an earlier post about this site, I'm concerned about the loss of a number of mature trees on the site.

Glad there is interest out there. Thanks for posting! (I've never "posted" to a "blog" before)There is good reason to be concerned. Many, many points were made at the meeting which lasted over 3 hours! And there are many substantial concerns ranging from safety and traffic issues, soil remediation, geotechnical issues, historical creek identification, historical value of property and nature of the neighborhood, destruction of ravine, complete lack of replacement of rental housing, serious human, social and environmental issues should any of this application be allowed. For many questions, the developer's people did not have answers. (more detail later) On the trees, I believe the developer's arborist stated that 119 trees are slated for removal should this application be allowed. Although 3 times that would be required to be planted by the developer in the "neighborhood", apparently only about 56 would be planted on the subject lands. So much for Ravine designation.

Thanks for your interest and response. The developer is pushing the City to move forward with the severance applications for 203 and 195 Oakmount and this hearing is now scheduled for April 23, 2009 — notice to those within 60 meters should be here any day! Although the City planners strongly recommeded the severance should move in tandem with the re-zoning and Official Plan amendment applications as a comprehensive package, the severance is being pushed and so interest and attendance will be very important! Brandy.

I would like to see the arborist report that the developer would have had to submit as part of the their application. This is public information and should be available through the planner. Mature trees can never really be "replaced" by planting new trees. Especially when they are in a ravine setting such as this. Small, single trees will never replace the habitat value that is currently on site and as we all know, survival rates of newly planted trees are quite low. Who will be monitoring, caring for and replacing the new trees over the next 10 years until they are established?
My understanding is that City Forestry recommended against the application because it does involve a ravine and is protected under the City's Ravine Protection Bylaw. But in order for that recommendation to stand, we need a serious show of community support. The Councillor is on the side of the development. We have to demonstrate that the community is unified and does not want to loose this greenspace. If you have thoughts on this proposed project, please attend the meeting on April 23 to express your concerns.

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