Vibratory Pile Driving Equipment being tested for use West Toronto Diamond project site today

The Toronto Star is reporting…

Today, contractors begin testing a computer-controlled piledriver, brought from France, which will work the steel walls partway into the ground using vibrations.

The hammer piledriver will still be needed to pound the wall the rest of the way in.

Under the agency’s new rules, the community could apply to have the work stopped.

The concessions are a huge departure for GO, which has continued work on the Junction-area rail expansion despite complaints about the diesel-fed piledrivers, which have been hammering pieces of a steel interlocking wall into the ground since January.

Full article from Toronto Star (opens in new window)

Noise complaints finally bring concessions at Junction rail site
Toronto Star April 30, 2009

PDF File info manual of the best practice when using vibration pile drivers, it’s written 1992 but provides a good introduction.

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