The Village by High Park, reaches above the fence line


The Village by High Park condominium project has reached above the fence line and now all construction will probably stop until they construct a new and higher hoarding (the fence). :-).  For some a time a simple chain link fence governed access to the site on the Keele St side. This see thru fence… before it was replaced by the purple painting plywood now used, allowed complete views to the activity going on at the project site, which the writer of this post believed were of value to the community.
This project will dramatically change the Junction. The view from the high street (that is the Dundas shopping strip), almost every front and yard sightline will be changed also. Not that any of the results of the building being built will be of detriment to the community, in fact the new building and its residents will be a welcome and needed addition to the area. Simply the new hoarding does not allow the building to grow organically into the community. This is much different then the energy coming from the people who will live in the building, which is full of community will and excitement.
A note, I know some people think the hoarding is not important… I guy who owns and operates a book store in the area commented to this writer a while back the chain link fence was un- professional.



Seriously though, there are other matters to complain about like the vacant houses on Vine and the businesses in the area that are selling drugs out in the open! (Look in the area of of Keele/Dundas). Where are the posts about that?

Don't worry "The Village" knows what they're doing. This post is a farce to me. Complaining that you can't see the view of the construction. WOW!

Let him write on whatever he chooses. Those other issues are certainly worthy of future posts and an emails come off as nicer than rants about content.

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