Berminghammer's pile driver hammer excellence, unused

Berminghammer one of the companies driving piles in the west Toronto Junction Go Transit project has considerable experience in driving piles just about everywhere in North America, and as well as being a significant manufacturer of the equipment to drive piles.  As this post is written the pile drivers can be heard – working in unison as they place the piles using the template (pictured below)…and  the noise and vibration issues continue, abet  with Go Transit  committing to a reduction of noise though various methods, yet one of  items that should not be overlooked is the use of  Berminghammer’s smokeless pile driving technology [link to their site], if  a lesser quality pile driver type and contractor were used the situation would be much worse.

Where the city loses in all the problems around the West Toronto Diamond project and the related crossings outside of our area is the bid process where the lowest cost bidder/and or method wins.

Both Anchor and Berminghammer have vast experience in these areas, and so does Delcan one of the design contractors.  Would it not have been reasonable to ask each of these companies to bid with with consideration to the urban environment they were to work in, no doubt they could have solved the problem.



Hei, not complaining, attempting to put out a different viewpoint and accept that people are still upset, and really make the point that bidding should be based not only on cost, but on other factors such as design, habitat, and use.

You're viewpoint has remained the same since day one here on the Junctioneer blog: Take any angle you can find to stop the pile driving (civic, provincial, etc… lost business/sleep/my kids/the elderly/clutching at straws…. etc). Since that has, for the most part, failed, you're now moving onto step 2: bellyaching. Give it a rest, the drivers are almost in the Weston area now. GO threw you a bone with its electrification study.. be happy you got that much out of a Gov't run agency.

"Thierry" the troll emerges.. from the construction site, presumably.

dear troll, learn basic language skills, spelling would be a good place to start.
do you understand the term "bamboozled"?

you might be.

root, you seem to think i'm a troll, but you're wrong bucko… I just don't frequent this board often enough to register a user name, but thank you for your ill-conceived attack on me. 2nd, if the best you come with is insulting me because I incorrectly used "you're" instead of "you're", then that's just sad. I had written a comment directly to the author, however I changed my mind and wrote something else, and forgot to edit to the correct term. Thank you for your attention to detail, however you lack any input on the matter other then a pot-shot at my diction.

ps. bamboozled is being led by the lemmings off the cliff… aka into defeat as you have been, as from what *I* can hear (listening out my window), the hammering is still going on… great victory root!!! lol

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