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Toronto Junction -based Channel Zero buys Hamilton tv Station

logo for Channel Zero Inc from wikipedia

logo for Channel Zero Inc from wikipedia

Toronto Junction -based Channel Zero, the  operator of  Silver Screen Classics, Movieola, AOV and The Fight Network, has bought Hamilton’s CHCH-TV station, along with Montreal’s CJNT-TV. Channel Zero at wikipedia

This business which provides the Junction with both a commercial industry business and a retail strip – ground level presence of exciting and activity, something the east side of Dundas St. west at Keele St. needs.

It is reported they will broadcast all news/all day with well known movie favourites in the evening.

Tip and full story link provide by reader John, thanks

City contractors continue work during strike


City contractors continue side walk repairs during the strike, her they are replacing a sidewalk after a water service replacement.

New Old Mill dealership construction progresses quickly

Construction on the new dealership at Jane St . and St Clair Ave West, is moving ahead fast with the frame of the building now reaching full height. the dealership is moving from Jane St. and Bloor St. West. as their current site is being re-purposed for a condo building.


Lavishy goes hot pink!


Nothing says historic preservation like a fresh coat of hot pink paint.

I find this paint job particularly disappointing when compared to the restoration one building east and in a week we saw the exterior siding removed from 3034 Dundas.  Originally built in 1909 this building held its original character for a hundred years until somebody decided to paint it pink.

It seams some landlords are doing the right thing in preserving the Junction and some just don’t have a clue.

Post by Martin.

The Village by High Park, construction photo update

Looking North West

Looking North West

Looking North East

Looking North East

From main construction (Looking NE) gate 1st and second floors of building 1 with soon to disappear silos in background

From main construction (Looking NE) gate 1st and second floors of building 1 with soon to disappear silos in background

St. Clair Avenue West Transit Improvement Project current water works activity



Water improvement and movement of pipes associated with the St. Clair Avenue West Transit Improvement Project , at the interesection of Old Weston Rd. and St Clair Ave, is nearing it’s end. The new value is  installed, and the old value pictured above was removed about 3 weeks ago and laid at the back of the bingo hall for a few days, but now has gone. sign…

City Council – Light Rail Vehicles meeting today and a great background post about the issue at

Over at a blog about transit and politics there is a great post about

How Many Streetcars Do We Need?

an excerpt…

Recent comments by Adam Giambrone, Chair of the TTC, suggest that 30 to 40 percent of the streetcar fleet is out of service in the shops, and that bus substitution will be required on some routes come the fall.

Those of us who follow the TTC have been waiting for a definitive fleet plan for some time, and hope to see one, finally, in the July Commission Meeting Agenda.  [link to full post]

Info on the city meeting about the issue today.

City Council Agenda – Meeting 37 (Notice of Meeting)

  • CC37.1 – report (June 25, 2009) from the City Manager and the Deputy City Manager and Chief Financial Officer, headed “Purchase of 204 Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) – TTC Capital Funding”
    Background Information

City works staging equipment on Black Creek Drive


Equipment that appears to be from the transportation and works department has started to be placed at the location of the currently planned community centre at Black Creek Drive and Eglington Ave West.  When asked,  it was stated it was staged there because of the strike.

Torcan/Fastfreight building remains being removed


Work has begun next door to the Walmart on St Clair Ave West.  and to the east of the new Old Mill Car dealership construction to remove the last remaining concrete of the Less than truckload facility that sat on the site for many years.

[map flyout]where is the sat image the currently being removed section can be seen

Once land belonging to the CPR Railway and used as a transshipment structure from train to trucks, the bulk of the building was taken down a over 1o years ago, but the above ground docks and the foundations were left.

The site  is now advertised as new retail uses.

Ali Baba's restaurant


While restaurants themselves do not get  a lot of posts on this blog, as to their service or food quality… there are many other blogs rating restaurants in the area doing that, the Ali Baba restaurant deserves mention in the context of simply being a wonderful part of the West Toronto Community. In an area where retailers fail to have a good curb presence – like most of the Junction retail stores  – , this place has great street and curb presence. Fully viewable from outside the food on offer is presented in an clean, fresh  and inviting way.

Food retailers can do a lot for the vitality of a community, keeping people on the streets and milling about, all great stuff, and only doable if the retail street-scape has a sense of plenty and welcome.

Ali Baba’s Middle Eastern Cuisine

2202 Dundas Street West Toronto [map flyout]