Scott Rd last few corner stores closed but still there

West Toronto has a considerable number of neighbourhood corner store buildings – those that exist/existed not located on commercial Street. Many have converted into residential housing.

Yet interestingly those around the area of Trowell Ave. and Scott Rd. currently remain in their post retail state, providing somewhat of a view into Toronto, gone local street community shopping history. Sorauren ave is an exception as in this area most of these buildings of this type still are being used for retail purposes.



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I believe there is also another storefront at Scott and Dunraven or Scott and Aileen, not sure if I can remember. Sorauren area is indeed an exception, but it wasnt always the case. Sorauren wasnt always bustling, there was a period up until about early 2000 when those stores werent being used for retail, with the renewed interest and revitalization of Parkdale, the lofts up the street close to Dundas&Sorauren, the new residents and artists moving-in are actually responsible for turning the use back to retail/commercial. I would hope that this would be the case in the area between St. Clair and Eglinton West of Lansdowne as transit becomes more accessible via the new St Clair ROW and the proposed Eglinton W LRT, this will become a magnet for artists seeking lower rents and access to the city core.

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