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61, 63 and 67 Vine were sold on June 12th at 100 percent of list price 2 readers have reported

The majestic eves line of 67 Vine Ave, which may be lost in the redevelopment of the three lot site the building sits on.

The majestic eves line of 67 Vine Ave, which may be lost in the redevelopment of the three lot site the building sits on, and the waste that was common on all three lots of the site.

61, 63 and 67 Vine were sold on June 12th at 100 percent of list price which is $800,000 total, this has been reported by two readers John U. and the another who has told the blog to refer to him as a reader a while ago.

As a recap for people who may not know, these three houses were much abused for many years (decades) by the owners, which greatly affected the avenue and the community. Many people were very happy to see them go up for sale, and a lot of people want to see new houses built on the site.

Yet there may be the loss of 67 a wonderful built home of a particular character  that exhibits a great deal of the historical fabric, which appeared on so few houses in the Junction – two examples on this house the slate roof and the detailed eves  which have more ornamentation than most houses in the Junction.

It is probably safe? to say that a series of new house will be built on the site,  which will be good for the avenue, in that they will bring more people to  live in the area, and will provide a fresh atmosphere. Or there could even be live/work units built.

Go Transit contractors creep towards Weston Rd


Pipe driving moves closer to entering on the Old Weston Rd as the machines creep slowly  onto the road. The shrouds seem to have effect in noise reduction at the close range that this image was taken at.

The intersection at Old Weston Rd and Junction Rd will see it’s 1st closure this weekend in relationship to the Go Transit  West Toronto Diamond project, a considerable time after the 1st stated October 2008 closure date.

Rogers Structures program segment – Humberside Collegiate Institute


The  Rogers Structures program will be airing,  episodes which feature , Humberside Collegiate Institute and  other west end realated content  , and will be airing on Cable 10 & 63 in Toronto:

Today   3:00 PM

Explore Toronto’s history and architecture with host Colleen Walsh. Featuring Islington Village.

The Humberside Collegiate Institute segment will air

Thursday, June 18 @ 8:30pm
Friday, June 19 @ 10:30am
Sunday, June 21 @ 11:30pm
Monday, June 22 @ 8am
Thursday, June 24 @ 3pm

Other Upcoming Episodes dates

Week of June 22nd – Corktown, Humberside C.I., Thistletown Week of July 13th – Thistletown, Humberside C.I. & Corktown

Week of July 20th – The Annex
Week of Aug 3rd – Thistletown, Humberside C.I. & Corktown
Week of Aug 24th – Thistletown, Humberside C.I. & Corktown
Week of Sept 7th – Theodore Heintzman & Central Technical School
Week of Sept 14th – Thistletown, Humberside C.I. & Corktown All scheduled programs are subject to change. About the program from Rogers site Structures is the award-winning television series that has captured the attention of people young and old right across Ontario! Focusing on Toronto’s dynamic historical buildings, legends and personalities, Structuresbrings you compelling stories about our local culture and heritage. If you’re new to Structures, sit back, relax and enjoy a ride back in time. Post submitted by David W.     ….who has also informed that the show “Structures” has been cancelled, which will result in no more episodes being created.[email_link]

Something Happened

Keele and Dundas - 5:45pm

Keele and Dundas - 5:45pm

These two police cars and one unmarked car were at Keele and Dundas as of 15 minutes ago, blocking  Keele from Dundas to just south of the Galaxy Donuts.  Apparently, someone was seen taken away in an ambulance earlier, but no further info was available.

West Toronto Railpath Opening Parade Saturday, June 20, 2009


Click image to download 8.5 x 11 page version

A ribbon-cutting and community bike parade to celebrate the opening of the West Toronto Railpath. Come and discover the new path. For info or to get involved email

Presented by:
Friends of the West Toronto Railpath
Date: Saturday, June 20, 2009
Start time: 02:00 PM End time: 03:30 PM
Rain date:

Wallace Avenue east of Symington at the entrance to the West Toronto Railpath. Under the pedestrian bridge.
Web site:
On-site food or beverages Kid-friendly Bike racks

Minutes for First JRA Cultural Committee Meeting


Here’s a synopsis of the meeting in 3 short bullets:
·         The JRA should indeed have a cultural committee, to ensure that culture is embedded into the workings of the organization and remains a priority.  As with other committees, 2 reps will be invited to participate in JRA exec meetings.
·         The cultural committee should be a wide-open grassroots organism with room for cultural programmers in our neighbourhood but driven by residents.
·         The committee will get its launch at the next JRA general meeting July 9, at which time people can volunteer to participate.

Scott Rd last few corner stores closed but still there

West Toronto has a considerable number of neighbourhood corner store buildings – those that exist/existed not located on commercial Street. Many have converted into residential housing.

Yet interestingly those around the area of Trowell Ave. and Scott Rd. currently remain in their post retail state, providing somewhat of a view into Toronto, gone local street community shopping history. Sorauren ave is an exception as in this area most of these buildings of this type still are being used for retail purposes.



The Junction community yard sale & potluck


When it comes to yard sales even the Junction is a huge place geographically. Street yard sales always seem to be partially organized to knit people together who live on the same or in close proximity. Many people like to keep them small and focused which probably makes them work.

The recent Junction yard sale, on June 13th was one such effort that was a little bigger than most with a considerable number of households participating.   The community potluck later that evening was well attended and people took special care to bring really great food for their neighbours.

The organizers of this past weekend’s partnered in their efforts to ensure the sale and potluck was organized to everyone’s liking, and the result was a great success that came about with a great team effort and a lot of discussion.

This was a perfect example of how incredible the Junction is, a couple of people simply choose a date and the community took care of the rest by taking the idea and running with it.  This was a true community effort.   The people who contributed and attended on Saturday created the final touch and community spirit the event needed.

Many in the community, have asked for this to be an annual event.

So….mark the date, June 12, 2010 is the

2nd Annual Junction Community Yard Sale and Potluck!!

Mulock Ave – essential Junction character


top: 88 the proposal property middle: the iron works bottom: Topper Linen

Mulock Ave north off Junction Rd has the essential character of a Junction street, a mix of industry and homes. A mix which sometimes has been difficult to work with for homeowners and businesses to maintain mutual agreement on joint issues. Recently The Society of St Vincent of Paul of Toronto (Official Public Hearing tonight see end of post) has been planning to construct a 2 storey addition, as well as a second storey addition to the property at 88 Mulock Avenue for purposes related to their mission. This will add another ingredient into the use and social makeup of the avenue. The current question that should be considered is the ability of Mulock Ave. to contain such an enterprise. The area is still stitching the fabric of the street together from the many changes affecting the street that continue to occur.

Mulock has experinced  a huge amount of changes in the past two decades. A partial  list, but not in any way complete, includes the massive development of Keele St to the west into a retail centre, the reduction of manufacturing uses of the Junction Rd/Weston Rd Area and the increased light industrial uses of  area. The area also has to contend with the loss of the historical paint plant. The destruction of this plant provided a great opportunity for mixed use development on the former site.  A recent development has been the reuse of the Benjamin Moore HQ at 139 Mulock Ave by an engineering solutions company named CONSULTEC. This has brought a good amount of activity back to the area.

One of the most interesting and beautiful aspects of the avenue is this mixed light industrial uses among the residential homes – a defining Junction element.  The middle image above provides an example is of the metal works that exists on the Ave at the rear of a residential house. Other examples are the cheese manufactory and the fish mongers, wonderful stuff, but again a mix that requires considerate management by the residents and the businesses. The residents and business of Mulock should receive the utmost respect in obtain a special character in the Junction.

Community meeting tonight  for 88 Mulock Ave [map flyout]

Official Public Hearing notice view by clicking on this link.
Date: Tuesday, June 16   Time: 7:00 pm
Where: George Bell Arena [map showing where], Kerr Room

BIG on Bloor – Culture works

Culture Works at the BIG on Bloor festival promises to be one the best organized and even more important, the best arts programed festivals in Toronto this year.
The people organizing this have developed a excellent model  a  re- imagining how best to support a community – both the businesses and the residents though the arts. Given the challenges in the community today their layered involvement  program model has succeeded in archiving a great amount of inclusiveness.  The organizations have succeeded in developing  a real appetite for all concerned parties to work together.  Big on Bloor and Dig in have always been wonderful at defining and combining different perceptions and the relieving  the difficulty of communication and partnership that often occur in the planning and running of community events.
Attending this event  will provide lots of thoughts stimulated by a hugely enjoyable experience.

Click to enlarge
CULTURE WORKS – a feature event of the BIG on Bloor Street Festival is a precedent setting street fair celebrating the arts and bringing the best that Toronto has to offer to Bloor and Lansdowne. Major cultural institutions and organizations like the AGO and the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art sit alongside local Garnet/Abrams, annhomanART, Funktion Gallery and many others to offer unique and interactive programming for young and old.