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Credit: Lisa Pasold

Photo credit: Lisa Pasold

From the artricle by  Lisa Pasold

…a hard-working intersection of industry and train traffic that defined this Junction border zone. The two enormous brick warehouses still stretch along the west side of the street, topped with glass monitors that once illuminated the workspace inside.

These warehouses are part of the original 60-acre foundry site, which includes the derelict but impressive former powerhouse, and a well-maintained office building, along with a smoke stack that once competed as one of the tallest structures in Canada.

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Old Mill dealership construction St Clair Ave West


Looking west from the new retail section of the old CPR trucking site, a 180 degree turn would leave you viewing the Walmart in the distance

On St Clair Ave West the construction of the replacement Old Mill Car dealership is continuing at a good pace. The dealership has sold – well related and owned companies have sold their current site at Jane St and Bloor St. for a condo development.

This one move into the area is probably going to change the corner of Jane St and St Clair West more than any other build – other than the subway (train bridge) reconstruction in the 70’s. When Danier leather moved to the North side of St Clair Ave. is the late 90’s the change started but  their move did not start to change the use of the surrounding blocks from second tier car repair and small manufacturing uses to general retail.

Infill retail – probably of the chain type – if you read the developers sales material will be built between the new dealership and the existing “Walmart Mall”

In all of this – what will happen with the north side of St Clair Ave West as this new current development retail comes into operation remains to be seen.

Parking now on west side of Quebec Ave, north of Dundas


You can now park on Quebec Avenue on thewest side –  north of Dundas.  This must be wonderful for Crema Coffee and Iron Core customers, which in itself is a good thing.  It seems the parking places cars in favour and against people walking and removes the street vistas – this is not good.

With the additional parking of a similar nature available now on Pacific Ave  towards Vine Ave, haven’t we given enough of our streets over for cars to sit and sleep?

Only Three More Days to Raise Your Concerns About Diesel Trains

This post was taken from Cheri DiNovo  Newsletter of July 27, 2009
Only Three More Days to Raise Your Concerns About Diesel Trains!

The deadline to submit your concerns to Metrolinx about their West Toronto Diamond Rail Project and its Dirty Diesel plan is July 30th. Please submit all your concerns to, and don’t forget to send a copy to Premier Dalton McGuinty! More information on the Dirty Diesel project and its consequences can be found at .

Grime in the Junction


The back of The Sweet Potato store on July 27 2009

There is an established link between grime and crime, which is reported in a lot of studies. The Junction currently has an a lot of this – grime spreading crime. Looking at the intersection of Keele St and Dundas St. West, and west to Mavity Ave, which is an area of higher crime and grime in the Junction the opinion proves itself . july-27-2009-071

Which is why it would seem reasonable that everyone should keep their area clean – free of garbage and grime.  Yes the blog knows there is a garbage strike on, yet most of the other businesses and residents in the Junction managed to keep their properties clean – why not the people who own the store pictured above on Dundas St West . Insert update,  And this is not to say the  Sweet Potato store is directly contributing to crime, but adding to the grime iis not good for the community.

The local BIA hired even a dumpster for it’s members – which they are one.

UPDATE: This post has stired a few people, other that the state of their garbage The Sweet Potato store is fine place, and  extrapolating anything else about the establishment is just not right, this is simply a post about their garbage issue (not good).

Bloor West Village BIA uses Solar power


Lighting the tree lights and other festival electrical needs in the Bloor West Village BIA area is covered by the Sun, the big yellow thing in the sky, how wonderful. Enough said eh!

30 Weston Rd. demo countines, alas

30-weston-rdfd-july-27-2009-066Demolition continues at 30 Weston Rd – the site of a new large scale mall. Currently the oldest buildings on the site are coming down. A last glimpse can be seen toady and tomorrow after which they will be a pile of rubble.

Rear view of the work being done at old Stereo King store


The work on 2989 Dundas St West, – the old Stero KinfG Store continues on affecting the building all the way to the lot line at the rear.

Audio program about social space making

This should be a great program social space making, don’t fret if you cannot listen in live we, will post a link to the podcast after the live session.

RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)) Thursday – The Renewal of St Martin-in-the-Fields: a case study in social space making

30th Jul 2009; 13:00 (UK time)   July 30th 09 at 8 am Toronto Time

Renowned architect and Royal Academician Eric Parry visits the RSA to discuss the recently completed redevelopment of St Martin-in-the-Fields.

The project has created a sequence of interconnected public spaces both above and below ground as well as a wide range of amenities for a diverse range of users, including the homeless, St Martin’s core congregation, the local Chinese community and state of the art facilities for professional musicians.

This highly complex scheme creates a synergy between the baroque church and the contemporary additions, facilitates the flow of access to and from Trafalgar Square and exemplifies the practice’s considered approach to place-making within a culturally and historically sensitive context.

Junction Tree Tour hosted by the Junction Residents Association

Tree Tour Saturday July 25th

Junction Tree Tour hosted by the Junction Residents Association and Green 13. From 2pm to 4pm, join LEAF arborist Todd Irvine as he explores the neighbourhood to uncover both historic and newly planted native trees.

Meet at: Southwest corner of Dundas St. W and Keele St.

Suggested donation: 5$