Concourse Restaurant / Galaxy Donuts buildings (2853 Dundas Street West)


A few readers have commented and emailed in that a lot of scaffolding is around the Concourse Restuarant / Galaxy Donuts builings (2853 Dundas Street West) which are on the City of Toronto’s Inventory of Heritage Properties…

Part of A.C. Thompson Block at 2845-2853 Dundas St. West; c.1889 -adopted by City Council on October 1, 1979 DESIGNATION BY-LAW PASSED BY CITY COUNCIL on November 17, 1986 (designation plaque – 1987)

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  1. Theirry

    They took down the front "awning" (if it could still be called that… more like ripped fabric over the storefront) on Galaxy, and they look to be removing a layer of brick from both the Keele side and the Dundas side. I held my breath for a minute when I saw the scaffolding this am, hoping maybe the donut shop and booze hole had been condemned (for the better of us all)…. Alas, it was simply some facade work

  2. Rodger

    How does this place stay in business? I've lived in this neighbourhood for 15 years and I've never known anyone to go in there.

  3. Theirry

    I don't think its the booze and donuts that sell best, if you catch my drift.

  4. I think the customers are supplied by the government "housing" across the street.

  5. Concourse is great.

  6. Theirry

    For what? 2.50 beers and hooking up with your dealer? Cmon, its a (redacted)-hole.

  7. Are you t ypically this bitter and ignorant?

    or is it just a bad day?

  8. I agree with Theirry

  9. Theirry

    You must be new Jason 🙂

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