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6 Days For Your Voice To Be Heard for Clean Trains!


Blog reader Scott sent in this link

Link to the South Junction Triangle Residents Association post on the issue.

Information can also be had at more information

While visiting the tempory garbage drop off..

Photo credit kev_walsh's photostream Flicker (click iamge to vist site)

Photo credit kev_walsh's photostream Flicker (click image to visit site)

While visiting the temporary garbage drop off, near the George Bell arena, take a look at one the last meat packing plant spurs coming off the CP railroad. The tracks have been removed and the site sold. for a small house probably.

Toronto Life Square has gone into receivership

The Toronto Star is reporting that the Toronto Life Square –  has gone into receivership.

from The Star..

In case you’re wondering, Toronto Life Square shouldn’t be confused with Yonge-Dundas Square across the road. The latter really is a square, the former a building.

Constructed on land expropriated by the pre-amalgamation City of Toronto in the late 1990s, the massive entertainment complex was developed by a subsidiary of PenEquity Realty Corp. From the start, however, the project was nothing but trouble for the firm. Work on the building began five years behind schedule, and only after a series of setbacks. At one point, Disney, a prospective tenant, simply walked away from the table, leaving PenEquity in a state of open-mouthed shock.

Of course, Toronto Life Square – the building – isn’t much to look at. Big, grey and hopelessly plain, it had almost nothing going for it other than its location, but what a location.

Link to full story

Junction Arts Festival Founder has show opening


Detail from showing post card (digital camera copy)

Detail from showing post card (digital camera copy)

Piera Pugliese one the founders of the Junction Arts festival has a showuing of her painting coming up from July 23 to Aug 2nd, at the AWOL Gallery at 78 Ossington Avenue [map flyout].

Green P 400 keele St Sign in place Now


Although the sign is in place, is it operable now?

Looking at the sign it is difficult to understand it’s profitability as it is only visible from a small skewed angle – well at least until the condo  owners are in across the street.

Concourse Restaurant / Galaxy Donuts buildings (2853 Dundas Street West)


A few readers have commented and emailed in that a lot of scaffolding is around the Concourse Restuarant / Galaxy Donuts builings (2853 Dundas Street West) which are on the City of Toronto’s Inventory of Heritage Properties…

Part of A.C. Thompson Block at 2845-2853 Dundas St. West; c.1889 -adopted by City Council on October 1, 1979 DESIGNATION BY-LAW PASSED BY CITY COUNCIL on November 17, 1986 (designation plaque – 1987)

Work begins on the Stereo King

This 3 storey building at 2989 Dundas (co Pacific) has begun a major transformation.  According to the building application the 2nd and 3rd floors will be rebuilt with a new raised roof.  The existing 4 apartments will be converted into one large living space.

As the Junction is redeveloped numerous buildings will be transformed through major renovations like this one.  Changes are inevitable but I hope more developers make the effort and financial commitment to maintain the original facade and character of our high street.

It appears this developer will be keeping the face of the building but the next one might not be so accommodating.

In an effort to preserve the Junction the JRA will be kicking off a Junction Preservation Committee to review our options for historic preservation.  The JRA will have more details at our next meeting on September 17 2009.

City Cleanup!


On Sunday a small team of city managers was in the Junction cleaning along Dundas Street.  The mess is starting to build so their efforts are appreciated.

I also appreciated the friendliness of the city works at our temporary garbage dump, George Bell Arena parking lot.  I’ve made two drops in the past 5 weeks and both times I was greeted with a pleasant demeanour and good service despite the difficult working conditions these works have been put in.

Clay & Paper Theatre in Dufferin Grove Park,


Clay & Paper Theatre’s mandate is to create, develop and perform multi-disciplinary, community-driven theatrical works using narrative theatre and large-scale puppetry in public spaces for large and diverse audiences.


Green 13 invites you to a free screening of Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home"


When: Saturday, July 25 at 6:00 pm

Where:  Margret

2952 Dundas St. W. (just E of Pacific)

“Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home”

This film is a feature documentary that describes how an average North American family impacts the environment through their production of garbage.

After his son’s birth, Andrew Nisker (writer and director) felt compelled to examine the average urban family’s relationship with waste. The film documents the McDonald family’s experience after they agree to keep every scrap of garbage that they create for three months. Nisker then takes them (and us) to find out where it all goes and what it’s doing to the world.

From the website: “Everyday life under a microscope has never been so revealing. By the end of this trashy odyssey, you are truly inspired to revolutionize your lifestyle for the sake of future generations.”

This timely 75 minute film will be followed by lively discussion. Refreshments are available for purchase.