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Toronto's Medical Officer of Health objects to Metrolinx’s proposed diesel rail expansion in Georgetown South Corridor


The Medical Officer of Health has posted a Letter of Objection regarding the diesel train expansion.

The letter written to the The Honourable John Gerretsen Minister of the Environment  supports a transit expansion based on electrification, and  requests that, as Minister of the Environment, you permit the project to proceed only under the following conditions:

1. That new train services and service expansions proceed only as electrified services;

2. That Metrolinx be required to conduct ambient air quality monitoring prior to

implementation of new train services or service expansions, in order to establish an air

quality baseline and concentration gradient. The chemicals to be measured are:

• Combustion gases – carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide;

• Particulate matter (ultrafine (PM0.1), respirable (PM2.5) and inhalable (PM10);

• Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, 1,3-butadiene,

benzene and acrolein;

• Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) – total and benzo(a)pyrene; and,

• Greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide; and

3. That Metrolinx establish a community liaison committee to:

• Deal with issues arising from the proposed construction;

• Provide input on selection of mitigation strategies; and,

• Provide input to the mobility hub planning process.

full letter link here with more city docs link below.

The Honourable John Gerretsen

Minister of the Environment

Junction Arts Festival 2009 site up now

junctionartsfestival 2009 late site or click image


Lovely afternoon in the Park – Clay and Paper bicycle theatre troop in Vine Parkette

clay paper vine ave parkette 001clay paper vine ave parkette 003

Today was one of those days that made one feel great about the community in which we live.  Thank you to the “Junk Mommas” who hosted the exuberant Clay and Paper bicycle theatre troop in Vine Parkette.

It was a perfectly sunny day, where a plethora of children splashed in the cool wading pool (which was sorely missed during the recent strike).  Families gathered on picnic blankets, munching on barbecued goods while chatting with their neighbours and watching the entertaining puppet show.

It could have not been a more perfect community building event.

Internet domain squatting in the Junction

Internet domain squatting has arrived in the Junction by reports.

Someone or some people appear to be watching to see what new businesses are coming into the Junction, probably by looking at renovation work being done on  store fronts. These people are then registering the Internet domain names of  new business  in various forms.

Then when the new business owner attempts to register the name – it is unavailable to them unless they purchase it from the domain squatter.

One of the most insidious parts of this, is the registering of different variants of the name, making it even harder for the new business and probably the “fair use” possible register to get something even close to their store name.

Although the CIRA Dispute Resolution Policy (.ca) is available it is very expensive for a small business and probably more so than paying the scam price of the domain squatter

A few businesses in the Junction have reported this occurring.

So if you think you want a Junction related domain register it before your plans are known.

Update: 3:55pm

This post has generated 1 telephone call wondering about the issue and three emails from different Junction web companies all thinking they were being referenced in the post – although the blog posted no names.

Just to let everyone know who posts like this occur.. the blog gets emails from many people about issues and or suggestions for posts, usually the blog starts and drafts (currently there now 83 are such drafts)  and sits on the idea until further information comes in, and if enough interest or surprising info comes in – the item gets posted, the 1st draft for this post came about about 3 mths ago.

Darian of who was not one of the emailers posted a comment which is good reading, we have moved the 1st pargraph up into the post here…

In regards to your internet squatting post above, it is terrific that this is being mentioned. Though your definition source for the term “Cybersquatting” is not the best, the basic idea is correct. Specifically, a company will in BAD FAITH and with the sole intention of profiting from the purchase the name or brand likeness of another company. This most definitely is cybersquatting and on the low side of ethical business practices. Reputable web design companies do not promote this type of behavior.

Call for Nominees – Junction Residents Association

Junction Residents Association

Junction Residents Association

The JRA will be holding elections at its November 12th meeting for the following positions: 2 x Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Chairs for the following Committees: Urban Development, Parks, Communications, Safety and Green.

A nominating committee will be formed in time for an October event (TBA) at which people can meet those who want to run.  If you are interested in being part of the Nominating Committee, please email  We are looking for two people.


Tagging in the Junction

Aug 14th 2009 008

Tagging in the Junction is becoming much more prevalent currently. The two guys own this house and rent it out as apartment really have a difficult time keeping graffiti off the side of their garage as it faces an laneway that fronts on to Vine parkette. Do the people on the south side of Vine Ave. see this happening?

Cyclops, Clay and Paper Theatre's puppet show this weekend at Vine Parkette


Hey Junction families…
Dufferin Grove’s resident theatre troupe is coming to the Junction!

Join your community

Sunday, August 16th from 4-7pm

in Vine Parkette

to enjoy Cyclops, Clay and Paper Theatre’s puppet show on wheels.

Enjoy an afternoon of face painting, bicycle decorating (kids!  bring your bikes!) and more.

Be sure to bring your loonies for our post-show BBQ.

This event is brought to you by the Junk Mommas – if you have any questions, or want to be on our email list for future events simply email


Click here for the Cyclops Poster

Justin Rutledge hosts Saturday concert, with special guests Jason Collett and The Beauties; September 12


JFAC_logo_2009 JAF2009_Horse_Logo


Justin Rutledge hosts Saturday concert, with special guests Jason Collett and The Beauties; September 12

Toronto, ON, August 13, 2009 – The 17th annual Junction Arts Festival (September 9 – 13, 2009) presents a mosaic of unique visual, dance, literary and musical arts, where internationally renowned singer-songwriter Justin Rutledge plays headliner and host to a special night of rockin’ country music, friends and live collaboration on Saturday, September 12 at 7:00 p.m.

The concert will feature specially invited guests Arts & Crafts recording artist Jason Collett and The Beauties, and will take place on the outdoor festival main stage in the Junction City Square (2960 Dundas Street West at Pacific Avenue).

Proud Junction native Justin Rutledge states, “I’ve witnessed the Junction grow over the years into a community teeming with creative businesses and a vibrant cultural core. The Junction Arts Festival is, in my opinion, Toronto’s best street fest. The great spirit of the festival represents the optimism and renewed energy of one of Toronto’s oldest and greatest neighbourhoods. Please come celebrate it with us.”

Juno nominated Rutledge, who has crafted three albums to critical acclaim; No Never Alone (2005), The Devil On A Bench In Stanley Park (2006) and Man Descending (2008), is equally famous for his mesmerizing live performances and will be supported by his band; Bazil Donovan (bass), David Baxter (guitar), Blake Manning (drums) and Burke Carroll (steel).

Jason Collett, whose sentimentality for songwriting and ability to capture daily life with his own classic poetic style, is an artist that Rutledge looks forward to performing with for the first time.

A key figure in Toronto’s indie scene and a member of Broken Social Scene, Jason Collett recently released his newest solo album Here’s To Being Here (2008), as the anticipated follow-up to 2005’s critically acclaimed Idols of Exile.
Collett explains, “I feel this is a Rock ’n Roll music record. Rock ’n Roll music encompasses all sorts of influences – country, blues, gospel… all those things, and I’m just part of that tradition.”

The Beauties are a group of prolific musicians made up of Darin McConnell, Jud Ruhl, Shawn Creamer, Paul Pfisterer, Derek Downham and The Bogoo, who, every Sunday night are the house band at Toronto’s Dakota Tavern (a favourite hangout of Justin Rutledge) for a night of tar-kickin’, twang-rockin’, spirits and barn-dancin’.

Please Note: Further festival details and more artist announcements are coming soon. For schedule updates please visit regularly at

Attracting 200,000 visitors in 2008, the Junction Arts Festival, produced by the Junction Forum for Art and Culture, takes place along one kilometre of Dundas Street West between Keele Street and Quebec Avenue, and features five free days of artistry and innovation; Visual Art Exhibits (September 9 to 13), Live Music Concerts (September 11 and 12), and the Street Performance Artists, Literary Artists, KidZone, Green Village and Artisan/Vendor Market (during weekend street closure, September 12 and 13).

The 2009 Junction Arts Festival is generously supported by title sponsor the Junction Business Improvement Area and the active involvement from Junction area businesses and residents.

The Junction Forum for Art and Culture (JFAC) is a non-profit arts presenting organization and its main project is the annual Junction Arts Festival. The hands-on JFAC Board of Directors, chaired by Councillor Bill Saundercook, consists of dedicated cultural producers, artists, residents, business owners and politicians, all of whom are based in the Junction.

aug 13 2009 Maria street 004

Maria Street is a west east running street paralleling Dundas St West in west Toronto, situated  in an former industrial area centered around the CPR operations in the area the street still has a small number buildings of an industrial character that may have been used for small enterprises during the  begin of the last century. Now the lots of these buildings are a mix of a house and out buildings created and modified as needed.

Maria Street has some sections that are very well cared for – such as the area pictured above in the top image. Well kept gardens and lawns, tidy garbage storage, all in well lived homes as can be seen by the full yet neatly arranged strollers and kids toys on the verandas.  In this section many have chairs for sitting and viewing the evening and quick chats with passersby.

The larger industrial development passed Maria Street by. The street never attracted the large plants such as Vine Ave and Mulock Ave did.  The plants jumped over to the west side of Runnymede Rd.

Toronto West End Web – Raising An Online Community Wednesday August 19th from 10am-noon

Text by Paul Reynolds

august poster
For the last two months, Junction-based design and marketing company Totally Spun has hosted networking events in the neighbourhood. In June a general meet-up of web savvy and web curious residents alike was held at Crema Coffee Co., and in July a meet-up of local artists interested in online organizing happened at Wise Daughters Craft Market. (Links to the recaps for each of these events are below)

On Wednesday August 19th from 10am-noon, the third monthly meet-up will happen at Gingerbread House Family Cafe (2790 Dundas Street West). This month’s meet-up is geared toward the established online community of parents and family in the Junction. Breaking the tradition of evening meetings, this 10am-noon meet-up will give local parents and their kids – who aren’t always available after the dinner hour – an opportunity to come out to a family friendly environment and talk about online organizing, web and social media.

Co-organizer of this month’s event Irina from The Junction Parents Blog will share some of the successful efforts the established online parent community has used in the past to get it where it is today, leading to an open discussion of ideas for carrying forward that momentum. Totally Spun owner Paul Reynolds will be on hand to advise on specific technologies and services and to facilitate the event.

Parents and their kids from around the Junction and surrounding neighbourhoods are welcome, as well as non-parents interested in organizing families on our corner of the net or anyone wanting to learn from this community’s successes so-far.

WHAT: West End Web: Junction Parents
WHEN: Wednesday, August 19th 10am – noon
WHERE: Gingerbread House Family Cafe (2790 Dundas Street West at Indian Grove)

Totally Spun is a Junction-based business specializing in web design, development, online promotion and social media. Totally spun is the host of the monthly West End Web

Junction Parents Blog is a local family oriented blog at the heart of the neighbourhood’s online community and co-organizer of this month’s event.

Gingerbread House Cafe is a new restaurant in the neighbourhood providing a family-friendly atmosphere and home style cooking. They graciously donated the use of their space for this month’s event.

Recap of July’s event:
Recap of June’s event: